October 6th, 2004

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Michael Moore Round Up

I thought I'd post some bits of Michael Moore trivia to do with the 9/11 film as I've overlooked it in recent months:

Fahrenheit 9/11 becomes the first Doctumentary in US History to make $1 million at the US Box Office. The previous record was set by Moore's Bowling For Columbine which took $21.6million. Fahrenheit 9/11 has also out sold any of the Disney films this year which is sweet justice after Disney refused to allow the film to originally be distrubuted. Moore Film Tops $100m Mark in US (BBC News On-Line; Monday 26th July 2004)

The Republican Party are looking to prosecute Michael Moore in a 'Vote Bribery Scandal'. He's been offering Noodles and Socks to Students to persuade them to vote - although he's not been telling them who to bote for! Moore in 'Noodles For Votes' Row (BBC On-Line News; Wednesday 6th October 2004)

Words from the frontline..... Moore Signs US Soldier Book Deal (BBC On-Line News; Thursday 19th August 2004)

Moore's DVD and Springsteens Anti-Bush Concert cause a stir... Pre-Election Release For 9/11 DVD (BBC On-Line News; Tuesday 17th August 2004)

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B-Movie and stuff...

As much as I hate myself for deciding this..... I won't be at B-Movie this Friday night. I love the club, it's possible my favourite club in London at the moment (vying with Synthetic Culture) but I've been laid down with this damn cold all week and I don't want to give it any excuses to come back and haunt me after the weekend.

I'm sure everyone will have a great time and I hope faerierhona  has a great birthday bash down there. I'm sorry I can't make it. If, by some sudden miracle, I do feel well enough to make it then it can be a surprise for all (including me!).

I doubt this weekend will be as much fun as last weekend, but then again it'll probably be a lot healthier in more ways than one....

Last weekend was great for a different reasons. It could have been better (If I'd picked up on certain signals, if certain people hadn't have come over, if I'd felt healthier and if certain people weren't so paranoid...) but it will still be a weekend I remember with fondness. Thanks to all involved in making it so. I hope we have many more like it (sans above minus points...).

Oh, and it seems that I may be going to see The Wonderstuff on Tuesday with davedevil (if I'm feeling well enough to commit to it by Saturday). Should be fun.

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Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Damn there eyes. I was hoping for at least an afternoon showing of Resident Evil: Apocalypse at the local multiplex..... Now my only local option is going to be crowded out evening viewings...:(

Not promising anything but any of the times below grab anyone for a Finchley Lido VUE Cinema trip:

Resident Evil Apocalypse (15)
Fri 19:00 21:30 00:10
Sat 19:00 21:30 00:10
Sun 19:00 21:30
Mon 19:00 21:30
Tue 19:00 21:30
Wed 19:00 21:30

I may very well be broadening my cinema options to Camden, Leicester Square, Finchley Road and Barnet in search of earlier performances.

PS - My cold is getting better which is good. Although after a quick trip to Tescos, the bank and work (had to pick up Ex:Machina and various bits of mail that had arrived during my absence) I have realised/remembered that one thing my cold doesn't like is climate change. Going from warm to cold to warm and back again is not good for my sneezing outbursts....
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More Resident Evil: Apocalypse - West End Weekend Times

Right, The VUE Cinema in the West End (Leicester Square) has performances of Resident Evil: Apocalypse at the following times on Saturday and Sunday morning/afternoon:

11.40 14.20 16.30
Not promising anything, but would anyone like to see the film this weekend? (Saturday is actually the better day for me as I'm supposed to be working on Sunday).
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Web Terrorists

I found this article on the BBC website a very interesting read about how terrorist newtworks (specifically Al Qaeda) use the internet to recruit, discuss and plan attacks and potential targets.

A Web Wise Terror Network (BBC On-Line News; Wednesday 6th October 2004)