October 11th, 2004

Old Friend


My cash strapped month has just got slightly more so.
Just received my mobile phone bill and boy-o-boy does it look like I've been a naughty boy on the old blower. I've clocked up well over £100 on the mobile and that's with a really good tariff!!! F**k Me!
I'm just glad that I should be getting a few hundred quid back from someone I've subbed later this month.

My money situation is pissing me off at the moment. Mainly because it's state has nothing really to do with me. I'm too 'soft' I think when it comes to lending friends money to help them out. I'm going to have to stop dong that and get them to fend for themselves. I'm owed about £4000-5000 from various sources (and that's not including the investment I've made into Cubicle 7 so far) and I reckon I'll be lucky to see even half of my 'friendly loans' back.

It's October and it looks like another 'staying at home' month is going to be in order. I may escape for a couple of nights clubbing/gigging/restaurants/movies or maybe even (shock horror) drinking as I'll go completely stir-crazy if I don't. As much as I love my house, my flatmates and my (sometimes/maybe) girlfriend I still need that escape and that excitement away from all of those sometimes.

I really want to let loose at soempoint. Possibly need to. A good evening of sex, drugs and rock n roll is in order. With no strings.
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Old Friend

An explanation about Chavs and Council Estate Barbie's for our Naive American Cousins

Because an explanation of 'Chav' was asked for....

Chav was a local term which is slowly going nationwide here in the UK. Variations of 'Chav' have always existed and will always be with us. In other areas Chavs are/were known as Townies, Casuals, Becks, Neds and countless more terms. Some people would also quite rightly call them Cunts, because generally they are.

(the following has been taken from The Guardians 'This Week' column by Laura Barton on Saturday 2nd October 2004)

"The term chav seeped into the language late last year, and comes from the town of Chatham, Kent. A new book, published next week, and winningly entitled Chav! provides a rudimentary guide to the term: "Chavs are the non-respectable working classes," the blurb explains, "the dole scroungers, petty criminals, football hooligans and teenage pram-pushers for whom fake Burberry was invented." One might well suggest that the term chav could also embrace anyone who, to the undiscerning middle-class eye, resembled how they imagined a dole scrounger, petty criminal, football hooligan or teenage pram-pusher to look, whether they happened to be sporting Burberry or not.

Key chav characteristics apparently include being called Jasmine, Tiffany or Wayne, driving a souped-up Vauxhall Nova and wearing "prison-white" trainers and FCUK zip-up tops. Chav is, in short, the Essex girl and the beshellsuited scouser, all rolled into one great Burberry-patterned beast.

Naturally, the phrase and the riveting pastime of "chav-spotting" is spreading like dry-rot - Chav! is brought to you by the same people who launched the still-popular website www.chavscum.co.uk, where fans could send in photos of real-life chavs. A couple of months ago, I was informed of a new invention: Council Estate Barbie, in which the buxom blonde is pictured heavily pregnant in a velour tracksuit, with a toddler at her ankle, and this very week I was forwarded an email encouraging me to visit www.argos.co.uk and type the word "chav" into its search engine - the "hilarious" result being an array of gold necklaces for gentlemen.

And while I'm sure it's all deeply hilarious to some, one can't help but feel that all this chav stuff achieves is making the working class into a cartoon, whose poverty is a subject to be mocked. Ha, ha, ha! Look at the people who have to live on council estates! They can't even buy their own houses! Can't afford your own school lunch? How hysterical! But why is buying an Argos sovereign ring any different from purchasing a necklace from Asprey, say? Why is putting a spoiler on the back of your Nova any more absurd than having a mahogany-trim on your BMW? Maybe I'm a po-faced party pooper. But to my mind, all this chav business seems little more than poking poor people with sticks. And then laughing."

Whilst searching for a good explanation I was also amused to find this following article from earlier in the year: Storm As Football Holligan Doll Launched (IC Wales; The National Website of Wales; 29th February 2004)</font>

Old Friend

The Agony.....The Pain

Few will appreciate, or understanding, my pain in this but the game of Championship Manager I've been playing for A VERY LONG TIME has decided it'll crash upon starting up of my current saved game. It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't been playing 17 seasons of it and finally collected together one of the best teams possible *and* was also managing England. My previous save point was in the previous seasons recess which means I'd loose six months of in-game time, would loose my current position at the top of the Premiership, would have to qualify for the Champions League Second Phase all over again and would have to try and buy the players I want on the transfer market AGAIN!!!!!

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Old Friend


Nothing like an IRC fix to cheer you up. I've not been on any of the Cam lists on IRC for bloody ages and it was good catching up and trading innuendos with a few people I've not seen in ages.

Happier now. Although my feet are cold. Must buy new slippers :p
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