October 12th, 2004

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Nuclear Assets 'Vanish' in Iraq

Well the war in Iraq has already caused a worldwide upsurge in anti-American feeling (and unfortunately anti-Western feeling in many places) and helped promote Terrorism more than defuse it. Now it seems that the Iraq invasion may have also helped (or be helping) the quest for dirty bombs or nuclear technology by terrorists or 'rogue states'. The UN Nuclear Watchdog has issued a warning that they have not been supplied any data, as required, by the new Iraqi regeime on the state of the facilities nor have they been allowed access or freedom of movement to carry out inspections by the American-backed government. They have only had satelitte information to go by and they seem to show several installations have been dismantled and key equipment looted. Already parts have appeared for sale in foreign markers. So well done Bush and co, it looks like you are helping the terrorists gain those lovely WMD that you've been so keen to find yourselves and are managing to hinder the inspections that could tell you whats gone!

Nuclear Assets 'Vanish' In Iraq (BBC News On-LIne; Monday 11th October 2004)

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Angus rants in a private mail....

I got all ranty about the Presidential Elections in a private mail I was writing to someone I've been corresponding with in the States. There is still a lot of undecided opinion amongst voters in the US, and the election could really swing either way (not taking into account any 'voting irregularities that may occur...).

Anyway, after I ranted, I felt I'd post the politically section of it here to so I could blow off some mroe steam :-p


Re politics: There are scales of fuck-ups. Unfortunately I feel that that Bush Jnr and his current crop of Republican henchmen are very much only out for their own interests and those of their main sponsors. As horrible as 9/11 was it opened the way for a new international co-operation and togetherness. Pretty much every country under the sun offered very sincere condolences and offered help - even countries such as Iran. Bush managed to turn these worldwide sympathies into an even greater hatred for America. This dislike has not only come from the areas of the world that America has traditionally been at odds with but even amongst some of its closest allies.

Hell, the majority of the population of the UK think Bush is a religious madman and would love to see him replaced. Poor old Tony Blair has had no end of a hard time about his relationship with Bush and when Bush came to visit earlier this year he was greeted with so many demonstrations and protests that the only time he actually 'greeted the public' was a prearranged and heavily secured 'country pub lunch' in some out of the way village.

Kerry is not perfect by any means. But he is still a lot better than Bush and co. America not only needs to rebuild herself internally (and start addressing some of those internal problems that have been ignored for years spanning both Republican and Democrat governments) but needs to rebuild her reputation on the international scene. At the moment America's actions, through George Bush Jnr, are causing more people to side with her enemies and is damaging what was previously some very close relationships with her friends. The Iraq situation was a complete screw-up from day one. And it wasn't helped by using false information and lying to bodies such as the United Nations. A lot of people have pity (possibly misplaced) with Colin Powell as they feel he was used by Bush/Rumsfeld/Cheney.

Personally I really, really do hope that Kerry is elected. I feel it opens the door for America to regain a lot of its standing, and respect. in the international community. It will be a long time before the scars heal both abroad, and at home, but given the right attention they will start to heal.

Realistically, I'm expecting Bush to get back in for a second term. Maybe not because he is 'elected' by the most votes but because he wins the election. I think the 2000 election was won by the democrats and I think the 2004 election will be also. I do, however, feel you'll still have a Republican President for another few years.

I just pray to every single motherf**king god out there that he doesn't lead us even further into hell.

Sorry to be intense, but I really do think that this is one of the most important elections the world has ever seen. This election will decide the next fews years policy and will reach out for decades beyond that.

On one hand I wish I was American so I could exercise my voting right. On the other hand I am so glad I'm not as seeing my country travel headfirst, and at gathering speed, into global insecurity, conflict and paranoia without being able to prevent it would hurt more than words.
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RP Meme - Merrick

OK, I may not have played the Cam for a couple of years since Merrick continued his journey without me in the form of an NPC but a few people still remember him (and me:P).

So, ask me any question you'd like to know about Merrick. I'll answer truthfully although obviously you won't be able to use any of the info in-game :-p
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Drafts in the States

I've had various email and physical conversations today (thanks pond823 ) about the US Draft and it does seem to have a lot of people very worried in the States (as one commentator mentioned in an earlier thread of mine). I just wrote a massive post about the US Draft with loads of info and links and LJ just crashed it because I forgot to ammend the 24 hour time clock on the post! Joy!

Needless to say I'm not going to rewrite the whole damn post again, nor dazzle you all with a multitude of links.

If you want more info check out The Select Service System website as they will be in charge of any draft and also download/read The Military Select Service Act (2003) as that governs all aspects of the call-up, including how to avoid actual conflict.

In short the US Draft could be a very explosive issue if it is ever brought in to effect. Let's hope it's not.

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