October 14th, 2004

Old Friend

'Hero', Footie and good company

Tonights entertainment has been brought to me by....

Sasha, Rob and co.
Southern Comfort
Malboro Lights
Marilyn Manson's DVD Collection
Conversations about sex, drugs and not a lot of rock n roll

Overall it's been a good evening. Especially for a weeknight.

I saw 'Hero' earlier today and must agree with the minority of people who didn't think much of it. I thought it was slow, rather dull and with a very predictable and boring storyline. I may have even fallen asleep for a while in the cinema (which is additionally bad considering I saw the 3pm performance). It certainly hasn't got a patch on Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I just hope that House of Flying Daggers is better (it's released on Boxing Day here in the UK).

Also caught the England match against Azerbaijan which we won 1 - 0. A win was expected. The performance was alright but nothing spectacular. Still, 3 points is 3 points.

Generally speaking the day ahs largely been a bit bland and frustrating. I've wanted to do so much work and have managed to accomplish very little. I guess I should just put it down as a day of relaxation (we all need them) and be done with it. Tomorrow, as they say, is another day.
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Old Friend

(Poetry) To Manufactured Heavens

To Manufactured Heavens


You promised me poisoned lips

That would surely lead to more

I’m not interested in that kind of heaven

Tonight I want something real.

I can’t help it,

It’s just the way I feel.

It may be gone by tomorrow

Discarded on the floor

And I’ll be back to my old ways

With temptations leading me astray

To manufactured heavens

With their moments of release

And the touch of poisoned lips.


I may scream and long for a taste

But tonight I abstain.

I must resist. I want to resist.

That’s wrong.

For I crave deep inside

To be allowed heaven tonight

With its pleasures and its touch.


I want it running through my fingers

While I lay naked in the sweat

Caused from previous actions

Of what some call love.


The taste on my lips

Is to me everything at this present time

More real than my blood is

Or the sight of your naked sex

It pulls all of my concentration

My only thoughts are to have more.

More of this fake reality

That I’ve worked so hard to forget

I hear it’s calling as vividly

As the taste that fills my mouth

My body moving towards a door

Something inside,

some repressed instinct,

Wants to find an exit from my addiction

But the rest of me screams no

And it is overcome in waves of self-centred anger

And I return to your side

For another dance

With another face.



By A R J Abranson

25-02-93/19:45 + 21:16

(Taken from 'Wild Card Symphonies')

Old Friend

(News) Sex Crisis, The Beatles, Slimeballs, IndyMedia and more

The Cirque du Soleil and the Beatles are teaming up for a new show in Las Vegas to replace the Siegfried and Roy show at The Mirage. Now I've managed not to get round to seeing any shows on any of my trips to Vegas but I'd love to see the Cirque du Soleil and The Blue Man Group at somepoint. Beatles To Open Show In Las Vegas (BBC News OnLine; Thursday 14th October 2004).

...and the dabte rages on.... Mobile Phone 'Ear Turmours Risk' (BBC News OnLine; Thursday 14th October 2004)

Now as endorsements go I'd be proud at this one if I was Michael Moore.... Bush Sr Brands Moore 'Slimeball' (BBC News ONLine; Thursday 14th October 2004)

So, how many of you lot fall in this 10% I wonder? :p Promiscuous 10% 'Fuel Sex Crisis' (BBC News OnLine; Thursday 14th October 2004)

The seizure of Indymedia's servers hit a few peoples LJ's over the last week. Well.... FBI Returns Seized News Servers (BBC News OnLine; Thusrday 14th October 2004)

And finally, it could be an Islamic Christmas...... Cat Stevens Eyes Christmas No 1 (BBC News OnLIne; Thursday 14th October 2004)

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Old Friend

A rather good Thursday

Last post of the day as I have to get up really early tomorrow to make my Passport Office appointment in Victoria (sigh).

I am now armed with a host of passport pictures. My old passport has a very 'goth' Angus in it with black hair and my trademark tinted glasses (worn because I'm both short-sighted and have light sensitive eyes). They allowed me to have dark glasses on in my last passport but in todays climate I'm suspecting they'll not be wanting me wearing them on the new piccie. Still, I have photos with my glasses on and some (god awful) photos without my glasses. Boy am I glad I need to wear glasses :0 Even though I have 'the loviest blue eyes'.

Anyway, today has been good in many aspects. If all goes well I've now confirmed that I'll be getting a lovely new computer and funding for Cubicle 7 that isn't coming out of my own pocket. Which is good. As my pockets are only 'so' deep :p

I've also been discussing board and card game ideas all night which are all, generally, very positive and interesting.

In other good news my latest batch of ebay sales have done rather nicely. I am pleased and may treat myself when I transfer my PayPal account over. It should clear by the time I arrive in Germany next week. Yay!

Goodnight folks! Dream Carefully!