October 20th, 2004

Old Friend

Goodbye for a few days sweet readers.....

Well, this could be my last post for a few days. In a few hours time I'm ging to have to crawl out of bed (if I actually go to sleep tonight!) and head to Heathrow to catch my nice little Lufthansa plane to Germany.

I'll be in Germany for Spiel '04 in Essen. Spiel attracts about 150,000 people and is the largest games convention in Europe (maybe even the world). This will be my fourth or fifth outting and all I can say is it still hasn't failed to impress me. It's great to see the popularoty of games in Germany - the convention is a real family outting. I don't actually get to play anything over there though as it's all business, business, business for me (and, yes, parties and aftershow entertainment is still classified as business :p).

I'll be returning to these fair shores on Saturday early afternoon and will have plenty of catching up to do at that point no doubt.

This evening has also been very productive for me. Plenty of transatlantic phone calls have been made and business done. It was also good to catch up with some of the new worlders I spoke to too as I count several of them as friends as well as business associates. I just wish we all lived a little bit closer so we could see everyone more often. Which, I guess, is another reason why I love attending trade shows and conventions. There is a core of people you bump into at all of these shows and many of them are great people who you'd have o problems hanging out with. Hence the parties and aftershow entertainment. The motto of shows like Spiel/GAMA/GenCon should really be 'work hard play hard' because the days are very tiring but the parties will keep you buzzing until the early hours. You just have to balance that hangover correctly :p
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Old Friend

Sleep? Sleep? What's That Then?

Well no sleep for me then I guess. Don't know why but I just haven't been tired tonight. I've just pootled around, packed my suitcase, mailed loads of people, surfed a bit, read a bit, and eaten too much shortbread (I knew I should have left the tin downstairs in the kitchen!).

So, it's now just after 7am and I'm getting ready to leave the house and head over to Heathrow where my plane will (hopefully) be waiting to whisk me off to foreign climes..... well actually according to the weather reports it's decidely familiar climes but still, you get the jist :-p

It's not even a long haul so I've not no sleeping opportunities on the plane. I'm only in the air for one hour twenty. That's enough time to take off, have a complimentary drink, and land - with a minimal amount of reading thrown in for good measure.

Guess I'll be making good use out of the hotel bed this evening.

Fair ye well kind reader. I'll start harassing you all again in a few days :p