October 27th, 2004

Old Friend

More Florida Election Problems and New Discovery of 'Hobbits'

A sensational find both proves truth behind a local legend of 'little people' and also gives the most significant anthropological discovery for decades. 'Hobbit' Joins Human Family Tree (BBC News On-Line; Wednesday 27th October 2004) Scientists Uncover Possible New Species of Human (CNN.com; Wednesday 27th October 2004)

Also, a worrying new development in this years Florida Presidental Elections. 60,000 Postal Absentee Ballots have 'gone missing'. Postal Experts Hunt For Missing Ballots in Florida (Reuters; Wednesday 27th October 2004)

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Old Friend

In the spirit of the next few days.....

Your LJ Horror Movie (you are the main target in the movie) by shard_of_truth
the storytellerbluehelen
the first to get killedwyldcard
the virginanyeone
the one having sex when killeds0b
the given "nude shot"mooncadet
the given "gore death scene"kit_hartford
the one thought as the killer but isn'tcryx
the one framed as the killer but isn'teruditorum
the screamersteveslimelight
the humorous oneatrophy_angel
the killer/monsterzombina
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