October 29th, 2004

Old Friend

Christmas Number One, Eminems Protest Song/Video, Keith Richards

Christmas Number 1?

The Undertones 'Teenage Kicks' has been added to the bookmakers list as a favouite to become this years Christmas Number One. This is despite the fact that EMI haven't decided to even release it as a single as yet. The song has shot to the fourth favourite spot due to the fact that it was the favourite song of John Peel who passed away this week. It's odds are currently 14/1 alongside Kylie's new song and a track by Tony Christie (whoever he is?). Other tracks battling it out are Robbie Williams (12/1), Ricky Gervais and Noel gallagher (12/1), Ronan Keating & Cat Stevens (9/4) with Band Aid 3 leading the current pack.

Protest Song

Eminem's new single/video is a brilliant anti-Bush track called Mosh. The video is available on-line and should be getting syndication around music channels and shows about now too. Now I like Eminem at the best of times but it is great to see protest still alive in music. If you've got a broadband connection you can watch the Quicktime video here. There is also a dial-up download but I don't have the URL recorded for that one. It will be on the Guerilla News Network though if you google it. Hell, even Moby (who has had a ongoing feud with Eminem for years) has claimed it is an amazing song and an even more amazing video and has urged all of his fans to go and watch it. Actually the NME site has the video available in both Real and Windows so you now have a choice of formats :-p

Keith Richards in Pirates of the Caribbean II and III

Johnny Depp modelled Jack Sparrow on Rolling Stones guiartist Keith Richards in Pirates of the Caribbean. Now he has persuaded him to actually appear in the two sequels being made (to be released six months apart) as Jack Sparrows father.

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Old Friend

(Poetry) Perfume & Wine

Perfume & Wine


I can’t believe I’m feeling like this

There’s something left hollow inside

Left empty and open wide

So all can see my pain and loneliness.

I can see the stains

Of my tears on the mirror,

Of my blood mixed in perfume.

Who needs to hear lies.


Today is the last day

That I’ll write these words,

That I’ll cry these tears,

That I’ll ever feel this hurt.

I don’t want to be replayed

The moments of you leaving me

Or the echoes of your final words

Over and over inside.


So long and fuck you for everything

I’ll try not to remember any of it

And start to mend what you unfixed.

And if I start to believe it didn’t matter

The pain seems to fade

Just a little by the hour,

Just a piece every minute,

I start to rebuild myself from the pieces you left.


I can’t believe I ever felt for you

As I stare at the stains of my loneliness,

Of my tears on the mirror,

Of my blood mixed in perfume.

As I feel the pain sink through my skin

Of shattered glass,

Into my shattered mind.

Who needs to hear lies.


I lay here ruined

At the heart of your destruction

Torn and bleeding, soaked in perfume and wine

And I know today is my last day

That I’ll ever cry tears

That I’ll ever feel pain

And I’ll loose myself because of you

Hereafter, and again.


By A R J Abranson


(Taken from 'Cry To Me')

Old Friend

(Poetry) Welcome To My Mind

Welcome To My Mind


Walking through the crowds

All towering above me

With the blood of newly cut wrists

Dripping to the gutter

Like red rain falling from the sky

Welcome to my mind.

Grey and derelict buildings

Housing the suicide children

Clinging to their mothers

With worms and scars, and a little laughter,

Hoping to blow it all away

In one sweet moment of pain.

Don’t let me down

Into the empire of my thoughts

To the haunts, and fetters, in my mind.

I would rather see you leave

Than to take you further in.

My wounds are only sentimental

Compared to the belief of my sin.

Welcome to my mind.



By A R J Abranson


(Taken from 'Cry To Me')

Old Friend


Yeah, I know, I've already posted a lot in the last hour or so - but hey, bare with me alright? This is neither poetry, news, an amusing picture or some odd meme or quiz that I've blatantly stolen from a friends (or a friend of a friends) LJ!

An actual post? Well yeah, sort of....

I was rereading a number of poems from my 'Cry To Me' collection this evening (which contains both 'Welcome To My Mind' and 'Perfume & Wine' which I posted earlier). Two thirds of 'Cry To Me' was written in the summer of 1995 through to early 1996 - with the rest scattered from earlier works dating back to 1990.

1995 was a very difficult year for me. It was a year in which I sometimes wondered if I'd live to see 1996. I really was uncertain of my future. Angela and myself split up in June but I had been very unhappy for months before that. Not because of Angela - Angela was very much my one anchor keeping me vaguely sane and in one piece.I was incredibly unhappy in the place where I was living. One of the housemates was a nightmare to the extent that I found every conceivable excuse not to be home until after she'd gone to bed. One of my other housemates (there were four of us) also couldn't stand her with a passion (that feeling was returned tenfold) and actually moved out a month or two early to get away and still paid rent (and then got screwed over by her when she started going through his mail and returning his benefit cheques). The fourth person in the house was her boyfriend who was so nice no one knew why he stuck with her. But I digress....

I am convinced that if Angela and myself had carried on going out we would have had kids by now and possibly even be married. I'd certainly have learnt to drive and would be a slave to a mortgage company somewhere. My life would certainly have been a lot different than it has been for the last nine years.


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Camarilla Last Game

I'm thinking about trying to get approval to bring back Merrick for the last London game in December. I know a few other old players who'd like to bring their characters back out of retirement for one last send off too.

So, Cammies, can someone please send me the email address of who I need to talk to so we can arrange it (and get permission for me to play Merrick again :p).
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