November 4th, 2004

Old Friend

Westminster Protests To Be Banned!

Somehow we (the people of Britain) have to make sure this one doesn't get through.... Westminster Protests To Be Banned (BBC News OnLine; Wednesday 3rd November 2004)

Also many thanks to ukmonty , sinbadsilk , gypseymission , Melissa and Andy O for coming out for drinks this evening. Excellent company, excellent chats and very cheap bar prices! I'm actually feeling a bit wobbly and will now be retiring for the night.

Sleep well people!

Old Friend

Norwegian Rappers Fall Foul To US Government

Unfortunately I'm a bit busy at the moment so I can't write for long (ok, so I'm watching Buffy Season 5 with Sarah and Buffy's Mum has just died and we have to watch the next episode...) but I found this story whilst doing a quick news search between episodes.

It appears that a Norwegian Rap Group has falled foul to the US Government for a website called 'Kill Him Now'.

I'll let you read the rest of the story yourselves but I found it most amusing....

'Kill Bush' Rappers Rapped By US (BBC News OnLine; Thursday 4th November 2004)