November 10th, 2004

Old Friend

Music, music, everywhere....

This afternoon/evening has been a very weird one in regards to the music I've been playing on the old stereo. So far I've made my way through The Doors, The Pet Shop Boys, Cinematic Orchestra, Madonna, Rammstein, Nick Cave and The Garden of Delight.

No real links between them all are there? I think part of this mixture has been the fact that I've been randomly grabbing piles of CDs and selecting one that I fancy listening too that I might not of heard for some time.

It's good to listening to some of the forgotten CDs now and again. Pet Shop Boys 'Disco' for instance is still very good and I'd actually forgotten what The Garden of Delight sounded like. Bad goth.

Sasha and myself also found ourselves watching a film called 'Below' on Sky Movies whilst mucnhing our way through good ol' traditional Fish n' Chips this evening. It was actually pretty good, which surprised both of us as neither of us had heard of it before. We missed the first 20-30 minutes but I'd certainly watch it again in full. The basic plot is ghosts/supernatural goings on in a WW2 Allied submarine. That's all I'll say on the subject now as I'm guessing most of you will never have seen (or heard) of it. Worth checking out though.
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Old Friend

Goodbye Ashcroft!

Right, that's one problem out of the way. No doubt Bush will appoint someone equally as unsuitable and corrupt to fill his shoes though....

Attorney General Quits US Cabinet (BBC News On-Line; Wednesday 10th November 2004)

I think I'll call it a night and go to bed on that piece of good news.

Oh, very quickly, in other news Colin Farrell has said he is not interested in playing James Bond, so strike him from the favourites list... Farrell Not Stirred By Bond Role (BBC News On-Line; Tuesday 9th November 2004)

And has anyone seen (and believe me I hate myself for asking this) Bad Santa yet? It looks rather intriguing and I've always liked Billy Bob Thornton and with a 15 certificate it might actually be quite good?