November 15th, 2004

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Well I went to the doc's this morning and we believe we've narrowed the cause of a mysterious reoccurring rash I've been getting on-and-off for the last 2-3 months down to either:

a) Stress and anxiety, or
b) Change in washing powder they use at the laundrette.

Both are apparently equally possible so I'm going to make sure I'm/they're using non-bio for my clothes to see if this produces a change in my skin condition.

On the stress front, well it could be a numbre of factors causing 'stress'. The irony is that he's gave me a perscription for some pills to help get rid of the rash and lower my stress levels and I went to pull some money out of the bank only to find out I had gone over my overdraft limit because of a combination of standing orders (rent, visa bill and loan repayment). So I ended up having to take an advance to get myself back on the right side of my overdraft and also to pay for my perscription. Yes, I think I do know some of the causes of my stress and anxiety at present. Luckily the money side of it is only short term but it's still annoying.

The other thing I went in for we're giving a month. If I'm not feeling better by then it's time for the blood tests to begin. He'd have preferred to have given me a blood test today but being my needle-phobic self I managed to delay it for a bit and he doesn't think it's anything major (as I don't have anyone in either branch of my family whose suffered anything major in this department) so he's happy to give me a month.

I feel like I've had a really shit weekend one way or another, although I know this hasn't really been the case. Despite arguements with the girlie we ended up having a very nice Saturday night together. I enjoyed my time round my mothers yesterday and it was good seeing my sisters and their other halves.

I would really like to get utterly trashed and enjoy myself but money is telling me otherwise at present which sucks. Instead of blowing a wad of cash going clubbing the household at present should just use it to be much more boring and pay bills.

I'm still working on a Christmas deadline. If things still suck then I'll have to look at everything again.

Anyway, enough of me moaning. I'll try and make the next post a bit more upbeat.

Hugs to you all LJ-land. xx
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Old Friend

(News) Vampires, The CIA, Credit Card War, The USofA and Israel

A round of quick news stories as I'm too tired to write anythign witty, or informtive, next to the links...

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