November 23rd, 2004

Old Friend

Why, Oh Why..........

Christmas spirit has arrived slightly earlier than usual....

...although it might be getting cut short in a few moments (see Music box for reasons....)

Why do we put ourselves through these things???
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    The Muppets & John Denver - Christmas Songs
Old Friend

Public Health Warning: Birth

I live, barely.
Tip: Do not go and see 'BIRTH' if you're in any way feeling a bit tired to start with. You'll be lucky to survive and not let lethargy slip into a coma-like state before passing away.
If I don't succumb to the 3am dark point I'll write a mini-review when I wake up.
I still don't feel it was a wasted 90 minutes of my life though - unlike many other people who were at the cinema (all twelve in the entire screen - still, plenty of foot room ;-p)
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