December 9th, 2004

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Ex-Pantera members shot during gig; 4 dead

A bit shocked at the next story. Now I was never into Pantera but have heard them and certainly know who they were. Apparently a gunman jumped on stage at a gig last night in Columbus just after dameplan, which features two former members of Pantera, and shot at the band and then into the crowd. A nearby policemen was quickly on the scene and killed the shooter. Among the four people who where killed at the gig at least one is believed to be a member of the band iteself. Gunman Targets Heavy Metal Band  (BBC On-Line News; Thursday 9th December 2004)
Old Friend

I don't feel the need to title every post you know!

Jeezz, I'm bloody knackered this evening. Work has been rather busy the last few days and I didn't get out until about 8.30 this evening. I should have learnt by now that working in a games shop is never restful once you hit December. After almost twenty years worth of Christmas' there I should really know better (and no, I'm not 'THAT' old, I started helping out at Christmas' on my school holidays and weekends when I was only a little Angus :p)

Anyway, I seem to be winding down the day quite nicely after gorging myself on pizza with Dave and am now contently listening to some Bauhaus (Burning From The Inside - probably my favourite Bauhaus album) and contemplating either an early night or getting a bath in before falling into oblivion for a few hours.

Am still going to B-Movie tomorrow night, although I'm hoping I'm not going to be too tired! Am also still intending on going into Camden on Saturday to meet Sarah for lunch (probably Wagamama's) and some Christmas shopping - unless I get pressganged into working which would not be good. Slimelight is still on for Saturday although I'd really prefer not to go as I'm working on Sunday and will have been walking around Camden all Saturday. But a promise is a promise and I need to regain some of my rock n roll lifestyle again :p
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Missed Appointments

Oh yeah, I rang my doctors this afternoon to rearrange an appointment I had tomorrow mroning at 9.10AM as I've got too much work on and can't afford part of tomorrow morning off. I was trying to rearrange it for sometime next week but they couldn't find my appointment in their diary. Until they checked against my date of birth and address and found out I was suppossed to have gone THIS morning at 9.10am! OPPS! Well at least I got the time right!!

So I have to ring in the morning every day next week to see if they have any cancellations. What make sit harder is that the doctor I was seeing for my allegy/weird rashes is leaving at the end of the year so time is limited or I have to explain everything again :-(

Did I mention I was tired? Hmm, my bed is looking incredibly tempting....
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User Pictures

I've been thinking about adding another User Picture to my LJ. What do you guys think it should be? Another baby Angus photo, something more 'now, some random bit of art or weirdness?

Also, what do you think of my bio? I quite like it but was wondering if you think it does the job or not?

This is aimed at not only the people who know me in person but those of you who have befriended me whom I've never met. Does it give you a general impression of me or would you like me to cover something else in it?

(I'll now wait for the deluge of replies and be somewhat embarrassed as my comments box remains zero ;-p)
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