December 12th, 2004

Old Friend

Money spent and Slimelight avoided

Yes it does seem that I did not make it to Slimelight.

Sarah is there however so I hope she's having a good time.

I've actually had a very nice evening in chatting to Dave and spending money over the net buying Christmas pressies for people. Slimelight therefor would have saved me money :-p

Yes, I did some impulse buying for myself too. Yes I am naughty.

When in Camden earlier I also picked up the first six volumes of the 'Lucifer' Graphic Novel series. I already read the first two volumes a year+ ago but gave them away as presents to a friend. So, finally got replacements plus missing volumes. Lucifer is one of the best graphic novel series I've read since Sandman so check it out if you don't know it already.

I also picked up the new Diary of Dreams CD 'Nigredo' and Flesh Field's 'Strain' this afternoon. The Diary of Dreams one is great and playing as I type. I'll have to try and listen to Flesh Field later.

Sarah and myself have also split up for all intents and purposes. We may see Christmas/New Year out together as it's that time of year and we're both still friends. Or we may not. Who knows which way the wind will be blowing. She initiated this time but I agree with 'most' of the reasons and the fact that we really need to do our own things. Hopefully we'll remain friends (I have a good track record of remaining friends with ex's) but time will tell.

Anyway, that's all today. See ya' later folks.
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Old Friend

Loud Music Helps

Playing the Scissors Sisters very loudly at work today is helping immensely.

I just thought I'd let you all know.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend (those of you who have woken up anyway :-p).

Catch you all later as I'd better get back on with some work....
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Old Friend

Week in Review

School Report:

Monday: C
Tuesday: A
Wednesday: A-
Thursday: B
Friday: A+
Saturday: D+
Sunday: We'll see, but I am working....

Overall: Not a bad week at all. Some really great nights out with friends and one relationship break-up.
Old Friend

Tiredness Calls....

God, I feel tired and drained this evening. It's not even 7pm and I'm looking forward to having a nice soak in my warm bubble filled bath and am seriously contemplating an incredibly early night.

I didn't even do anything last night! (Although, I did end up staying awake until about 4am reading and playing Championship Manager so I guess that's one casue there! :)

Also I seem to be communicating with peoples voice mails today. I haven't gotten through to a single living soul on there mobile as yet (aoart from Sarah early this morning after she got back from Slimelight but she was too wasted to talk!).

Anyway, bath calls. Bubbles here I come!!! (With no reference towards Mr Jacksons Monkey thank you very much...)

Saw a bit of 'THE BLACK HOLE' which is on Telly with Dave and Sasha when I got back from work. Probably haven't seen it in about twenty years and boy has it not aged well (if you could EVER have called it good in the first place :-p)

Anyway, Angus shut up and go and get your bath....

see ya later folks!
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(no subject)

But I need one more dance,
I want one more kiss.
Just saying no to my desires
It's the hardest thing for me to resist
Please remove this temptation
Or help me run away
To behind closed doors
Which the jailer won't open
However much my heart screams.

15:42 12/12/04
Old Friend

Foriegn Parts


Sorry, mini-outburst.

Once again I'm pining for Brazil and my Brazillian friends. I've just mailed a bundle of them to try and sort out a trip in 2005. I really do miss the friends I met over there and if I had enough money I would seriously consider relocating over to Brazil - even if it was just for a year or so.

I would love to spend at least part of my life living abroad in a non-English speaking country. The only other country I have ever lived in, besides England, was the USA and I was only 12 at the time. I'd love to give France a try too and also Japan.

Anyway, apart from missing my friends in Brazil I've just remembered how cute the women I know over there are (you can tell I'm back in a single-guy frame of mind can't you :p). I was checking one of the sites I'm a memeber of which I use to keep in touch with several of the Brazillian contingent and was browsing through my friends list and all the girls are gourgeous!!! :-p

I just hope I can get there again next year and see everyone (regardless of romance).

Apart from that I've had a quite evening, have a headache, and am probably going to fall asleep very soon or just lay there wrapped in my duvet reading.

Hmm...sounds good....
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Old Friend


dodgyhoodoo likes tofu. I like tofu too. There is a great tofu restauarant in Clapham that I once went to and you just reminded me of it dodgy-me-old-fellow.

I must now check to see if it's still there and go for a tofu feast again. I think they had one in Angel too.

Anyone else for tofu?