December 16th, 2004

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Juggling Tuna

Updating from work trying to juggle my tuna/herb/cucumber bagette and diet coke without either inflicting stickyness or wetness to my keyboard.

Today has been bloody hectic. I do not like hecticness. Especially when my mood is really not into the 'be nice' to customers, work mates and the world in general.

On the other hand being hectic means I don't have time to think about much which I guess is kinda a plus side to all of this.

Looking forward to NMA tomorrow (so very much) but have no idea what else I'm up to this weekend. I have to work on Sunday but am free on Saturday. Have had offers, have made offers, have no idea what will actually happen though. For all I know I might end up just staying at home sulking.

Was thinking about going to Synthetic Culture tomorrow after the gig but the musical content isn't really balanced enough for me these days. I'd much prefer either the old style Ballroom or B-Movie but choices are limited tomorrow night. Might try and go to Strength Through Joy on Saturday night as I really want to try it out and am really not too keen on The Slimelight these days.

Anyway, just been handed a nice cup of tea so the world isn't all bad. Just 99.9% of it.

Actually more like 99.8% as I'm playing Bauhaus at work and no one is complaining.

Maybe more later when I finally finish work and get home.
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Old Friend

...and the day continues in the same vein....


It's been one of those f**king days today.

I've now decided to cut my f**king finger on some stapes whilst opening a package.

Watch me now slowly wilt and my finger turn bright purple and the size of a tennis ball before being amputated. Alas, they are too late with that and I end up dying of a weird and unusual blood disease.

OK, might be over dramatic. But it still bloody hurts and continues what has been a great day (please read the latter part opf that sentence imagining *HEAVY* sarcasm).

Over and out.
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(no subject)

Well my fingers feeling a lot better now at least :-p

It's after 7pm and I'm still at work. I've been invited for Chinese and a few drinks but to be honest I'm just too shattered tonight. Sarah isn't coming over anyway. As we're no longer in a 'relationship' there's not a lot of point her coming over at about 8.30 only to go home again at about 10/10.30. She could always stay the night but I think we both have to leave it a while before she starts doing that again - just to be on the safe side.

So I'm going to be heading home in a little while. Will no doubt have a relaxing bath (bubble free sadly as I've run out of my lovely strawberry Body Shop bubble bath - sob), have a bowl of cornflakes and then cosnidering either cracking open my bottle of southern comfort or just getting a damn early night to get today out of the way.

I can't wait until Christmas - I'll have FOUR WHOLE DAYS off work. I've forgotten what that's like.
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I was dumped because.....


Well I am now home although I've just had a succession of arguements with Sarah which hasn't helped my mood at all.

I'm being to wish she'd just f**k right out of my life. It'd certainly be easier to forget and move on.

It appears the main reasons why we are now seperate are because I 'flirt too much' and 'have lots of close good looking female friends'.

I admit I do flirt. But I flirt with pretty much everyone unconciously. Be they male, female or cute furry animals. I don't notice I am flrting and believe me if I conciously tried to flirt it would be a disaster. Also, I am naturally a very friendly and polite person. I'm the weirdo that actually smiles to strangers in the street be they the local tramp, some little old Asian granny, or the local bobby. I think a lot of this is down to the fact that I have always worked in a retail environment where you need to be nice, polite and friendly and part is because I was always brought up to be that anyway!

Just because I flirt does not mean I want to shag the subject of that flirtatousness (or however you spell the damn word).

And on the good looking woman front - I'm actually flattered she imagines this. Yes, a number of my friends are good looking but I hardly think they are a threat to any relationship I might be having. My two closest friends do happen to be girls and also happen to be very good looking. Problem is one of them LIVES IN FRANCE and I see her once a year if I'm inredibly lucky. The other I hardly ever see either and to be honest I think I think of her as a close friend but she probably thinks I'm more of a nusiance!

Christ. I'm now f**king highly strung and haven't got anyf**kingthing to do. Sarah is also now not talking to me AT ALL and is refusing to even pick up the phone or reply to texts so I can't even try and sort things out with her.

I really hope NMA tomorrow night is bloody good. I need to get this out of my system and a good dance/mosh pit will hopefully do me a world of good.

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Karmic Balance

But on the plus side today -

1. I've been invited as a guest to a Conpulsion 2005 in Edinburgh next Easter which I've accepted. It'll be my first ever trip to Scotland (shocking I know considering my name!)

2. I'll be having a reasonably large sum of money being deposited in the Cubicle 7 account in the next seven days which is good. I sold some shares in the company to raise some extra cash. I've put a fair amount in myself but recently with everything going on 'in the real world' I've been slightly on the poorer end of the scale. This additional financing will mainly go towards print runs and also some of the new development work for both SLA Industries and some of the other lines we're developing or hoping to develope.

3. Several of my Brazillian friends have mailed me back. I now have a rough idea of dates and also offers of crash space which will be great. I really do want to try and make it to Brazil next year and it is starting to look very likely I'll achieve it! Yay!

4. OK, there is no four just yet but there is still slightly over an hour left of 'today' so who knows what could happen.....
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Watch This Advert

I'd just like to say that dodgyhoodoo is a bastard. I just watched an advert link he sent me and it made me jump out of my bloody skin. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face though Andy - it's appreciated. Still - could have done without the near heart attack!


I loved the dancing robotic car advert but this certainly gives it a run for its money.

Watch it with your sound turned WAY UP though....:-P