December 20th, 2004

Old Friend

Loveless Bunnies

Delphine sent this over to me today with the email title of 'Loveless Bunny'. I'm hoping she is referring to this actual video and not to my current state of affairs:

Everybody Else Has Had More Sex Than Me

I think I'm actually going to head to bed now as I seem to be coming down with a cold. I've been fighting it all day but the sneezes are becoming more regular :(

Just what I really need at the moment to round this last week off nicely isn't it! Mind you I've had fun playing around on LJ and the net this evening and am feeling rather chipper despite sore eyes/nose/throat.

Hope you enjoy the above link btw and the photos I posted earlier :-p
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Old Friend

It's Official - I have a cold :(

I ended up leaving work early today because of my cold. I hate getting colds at the bets of times but especially when I'm A) Busy at work and B) Emotionally rundown already.

I'm thinking of wrapping myself up in a duvet and watching a DVD or just sleeping. Either way I'm going to have a very quiet evening (which probably translates to about a hundred LJ posts on my part....;p).

Hopefully I'll be feeling a bit perkier tomorrow as I really do need to be in at work this week. Especially as tomorrow is the last posting date for 1st Class Mail so we have to clear all the remaining orders by close of business!

In slightly more irritating news - I may be at home but my neighbours seem to be building shelves or something. I've been getting a nice hour or so of banging hammers but as it's only 16:45 am in no position to complain. If it was 10:45 that'd be another matter....