December 22nd, 2004

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(News) Iranian Military on Stand-by

Iran's military is on stand-by incase of an attack against it's nuclear facilities by eitehr Israel or the United States. After reports that the Pentagon has been running simulated attacks against Iran, starting with the destruction of their nuclear plants, and the capture of ten alledged Mossad and CIA spies Iran is taking the possibility seriously.
Iran Will Defend Nuclear Sites (BBC On-Line News; Wednesday 22nd December 2004)

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General Update

I met up with Sarah last night. We spoke a couple of times this week and as she was in Finchley anyway she gave me a ring and we went out to one of the local, very good, fish restaurants. We chatted and got along very well. No arguements and no hint of an incoming one to boot. After the restaurant we said our goodbyes and went our seperate ways. It was nice seeing her again and it was very nice not having any arguements.

We chatted again today a couple of times and should be meeting up tomorrow for the 'Exchanging of Gifts' as we have both brought each other pressies (I got her a three-diamond silver ring and a watch).

I've still got my cold and have had the day off today (I was having it off anyway as I worked Sunday but it has meant I've not managed to do anything I wanted to do on my day off....hhhummpphhh). I did manage to brave North Finchley for a last minute spot of Christmas shopping (surprised to find it not too busy - but then i was there before noon) and did end up popping into work for about an hour as they needed me to place a couple of orders to our suppliers before it was too late due to Christmas. Nevermind, still managed to run away back home afterwards to the warmth and a nice bubble-bath.

I was feeling worse earlier although I've started picking up a bit in the last hour or so. I'd still prefer not to have to go to work for the rest of the week and just rest and ride this cold out. Unfortunately it's "that time of year" so having a cold is no excuse :-(

Almost there though.... only two more days to go....
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Popular Interests.....

I've just been looking through LJ's most popular interests listing as part of my 'explore Live Journal as a Paid Member' kick.

'Music' tops the list with 912581 members listing it as an interest. Second in the chain is 'movies' with 599039 with another big fall to 'reading' in third place on 387814. But there are some which surprised me as I've no idea what they are, or why they are so popular?

taking back sunday - 111565
dashboard confessional - 88865
thursday - 83871 (what's so good about Thursdays?)
coheed and cambria - 59320 (???)
death cab for cutie - 54854
the postal service - 52881 (are you MAD???)
switchfoot - 32462

I'm presuming a number of the above are bands but I'm surprised I've never heard of them considering so many people list them!
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OK, mini-rant mode on.

Sarah asked me to ring her this evening when I spoek to her at work earlier. Basically to sort out tomorrow's meet-up and exchange of gifts.

I just rang her and she was really offish with me because she had a friend over. Now I know nothing is going on between her and him but the way she behaved on the phone (clipped answers, not saying any times to make it sound like we were arranging to meet-up, just yes, no, maybe...) really pissed me off. It sounds (to me) like she's told her friends that we're finished for good (which we probably are anyway) but she doesn't want them to know she's actually still chatting, getting along with and seeing me.

It just really fired me up the wrong way, especially as we'd actually been getting along a lot better in the last couple of days.

I wish I felt better.... then at least I'd be able to indulge in one of my listed interests (yes the 'too much southern comfort' one ;p). F**K. Damn. Sh*t. C**t.

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Charma Sleeper

Strangers ask for souvenirs
Give pride to those without my fears
Rejected child finds peace in mind
Remember you are one of my kind

Don't call, don't call
The Charma Sleeper
Don't say, don't say
Your faith goes deeper

Angels speak of lullabies
Adorning you when sleepers mind
All hate that sleeps reborn in you
All lies you spread becoming true

Noble men with noble words
Ladies wrapped in tainted lies
I scream at you, but you don't answer
It's you my dear I really fear

Don't call, don't call
The Charma Sleeper
Don't say, don't say
Your faith goes deeper

Don't call, don't call
The Charma Sleeper
Don't say, don't say
Your faith goes deeper

My hate in rage I wish I dared...
My anger burns in every pore
But still my tempers way too scared
I know you never really cared

(Charma Sleeper by Diary of Dreams; From the album 'Nigredo')
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Old Friend


Thanks to everyone who contacted me about my mini-rant earlier. Both by leaving comments or through private email. It's much appreciated and I'm glad to have such a nice group of friends.

I was upset, I still am to a certain extent, but I guess I have to get used to it.

Had a good, long, phone call with Delphine this evening and she always has a knack at cheering me up. I just wished her and Alexandre lived closer to me and not in a remote part of a foreign land.

Still, gives me an excuse to travel to France again next year (beyond work trips) which is always a pleasure. Doubly so when I can tie it into seeing Delphine.

The rest of the night (between sneezes) has been spent contemplating. I think I've now contemplated so much I've given myself a mild headache and should have an early night. This probably means you'll see me on LJ on and off for the rest of the night :-p

I'm not going to bother ringing Sarah back today. I'm going to leave it until work tomorrow as I'm supposed to see her tomorrow evening anyway. I don't want to risk having another row before then.

In other news Lady Bug has gone missing. No news from my second closest friend for well over a week now. No emails, no texts, no phone calls or answer phone messages. No checking in at the shop to see if I'm ok. I'm sure she has her reasons (too busy at work, too many people crashing at hers to get away, etc) but her timing sucks. I know many of you are my friends and I appreciate that greatly but Lady Bug and Delphine are two of the closest people to me whom I can share a lot of things with. Melissa also falls close to this and she has actually been an immense help in the last couple of weeks and I'm extremely glad I've had the chance to see a lot more of her recently. I forgot how much we do get along and how fun she can be.

Anyway, if anyone sees Lady Bug (or if you read this as I know you sometimes check in on me here :p) please can you ask her to drop me a line.

Thank you :)

:::hugs::: and goodnight