December 25th, 2004

Old Friend

Enjoy Yourselves!


It's great to have a few days off work and also the prospect of being treated to some superb home cooking courtesy of my mother this weekend :-p

Christmas itself means very little to me but it is a good excuse to see my mother and sisters and spend more than just a few hours with them. We'll get to play some games, watch a DVD or two, chat loads and eat, eat, eat. Although I'm sure I should be cutting down on the eating if I want to loose a few pounds but sod it - wrong time of year to consider that :)

Anyway, I hope you all have fun however you are spending it and I hope everyone has a much better 2005 than they have had 2004. It seems that 04 has been mroe of a 'downer' for more of my friends than it has a 'high'.

I'll leave other reflections of 2004 and predictions/hopes for 2005 until next week when we hit the final days of the year.

Take care everyone. Blessed be.

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Old Friend

A Quickie

I thought I should give everyone a quick update on the Angus/Sarah situation after ranting (at times) about it recently.

I went over to hers on Thursday evening for the 'exchanging of presents' ceremony. Am very happy with my pressies - she got me a very nice necklace and a Larva Lamp. Now I've always wanted a Larva Lamp since I was a teen so am most happy indeed to finally have one. I've no idea why I haven't brought myself one over the years to be honest as I've often thought about it. Anyway YAY! I also got all of my CDs back.

I gave Sarah a very nice ring and a watch - both of which she had wanted for a while so she was very happy too. We chatted loads, and cuddled, and generally had a very nice time and left on good terms.

We've chatted a few times today and hopefully things are back on track to help us remain friends. Her father is over from Holland for a few days now and as I'll also be with my family we won't have a chance to see ecah other until next week which is actually quite good. I'll drop her a line to wish her happy Christmas tomorrow and we should be getting together (hopefully) on Tuesday to chill-out and do the cinema/meal/etc combo.

I'm glad we've managed to get back on speaking terms in time for Christmas. Here's to New Year and 2005!