December 28th, 2004

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(News) Steam Powered Vehicles & Earthquakes

Steam powered vehicles are in the news today. This time not only as good ecological alternatives but also in trying to beat the land speed record. Steam Engines Could Be Eco Help (BBC On-Line News; Tuesday 29th December 2004)
I'd buy one of these if it was on the market :-p

Also, out of the chaos caused by the Boxing Day Earthquake and tsunami off Indonesia one high-profile rescue has occured. It seens that former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl was holidaying in the region and was airlifted to safety from his hotel after flooding. Sadly 50,000+ others were not so lucky with the total still rising. Sweden fears that up to 1,500 Swedish nationals may also have died. Kohl Rescued As Swedes Fear Worst (BBC On-Line News; Tuesday 28th December 2004)
The earthquake that hit Indonesia was the strongest in 40 years but another very large earthquake, that wasn't so widely reported, occurred just before Christmas. Measuring 8.1 it was the largest in four years until Boxing Days quake. Why was so little heard about it? Because it took place in a remote region in the Antartic and only penguins were really threatened..... Penguins Escape Hugh Earthquake (BBC On-Line News; Friday 24th December 2004).

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Ramblings on Firefly, Work and Bad Internet Connections...oh, and Films too.....

Right, where to start......

Firefly I guess. I got the DVD for Christmas after being told how good it was by a million-and-one people. I haven't found a single person who has seen it and not raved about it as yet so I figured I'd give it a spin. I like Joss Whedon's 'Buffy' and 'Angel' and although I generally don't like TV Sci-Fi serials I was willing to give this a shot on the fact it was creation let alone mixing it with a very 'Old West' feel (I love the 'old west' and also mixing genres). Anyway I'm two episodes into now and all I can say is .... IT IS BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!! It is one of the best shows I've seen in a long while, and it's humour is superb. It's a shame that 'The Powers That Be'(tm) at FOX canned it vefore the end of it's first season but then I guess we wouldn't be getting the movie of it on the big screen next year if it'd continued. Looking forward to watching some more.....

Work ...... Aarrrrggg! It's already time to go back to work. I was wanting to go back a couple of days ago when I was lonely, fed-up and bored but now I've changed my mind and would love to have the rest of the week off. I am a workaholic and will admit that I have actually done a few hours work from home this afternoon, but now I'm back tomorrow the holiday has seemed all too short. Nevermind, another three days off this weekend thanks t New Year.

Bad Internet Connections.... our broad band seems to be really playing up - or our Network does. Our House Techie is currently not on this planet at a friends house so can't help either. This has been a problem for the last couple of days at least and has meant a very sporadic and hit-and-miss time doing anything on-line :(

Films.... I went and saw Nicholas Cage in 'National Treasure' this morning. It was actually alright, even though I'm not a big Nicholas Cage fan (more bordering on the 'don't like too much' side of things actually). It was a good conspiracy adventure romp which was actually less Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider and more high-brow. Liked Sean Bean (but then I always do) and Diane Kruger was very nice too. School Report: B/B-.

Also saw the trailer for Speilbergs/Cruise's The War of The Worlds which is coming out next summer. I walked in part way through it but I'm intending on going on line and watching it in full as it'll certainly be a film I go and see (although another War of The Worlds film is also coming out next year which follows the original story which I'm looking forward to more).

After the film I went up to North Finchley and had lunch with a whole bundle of friends including daver2323, weaselbitch, dodgyhoodoo, corone. I think most (or all) of the others also have LJs but don't know their Usernames so sorry!

After lunch dodgyhoodoo helped me buy a Digital camera. I saved £200 in the sales on it and it seems to be very nice (to someone who knows nothing about technology anyway). Finally I have one! Yay! Thanks Andy for the advice!

Last nights excursion to Camden was very nice too. I met up with Sussie and had a Vegetarian Thai meal followed by drinks in The Worlds End (as The Dev was shut when we first got there). We were then joined by daver2323, angelalyce, pond823 and painted_bird and ended up in The Dev until they tossed us out onto the cold London streets. Enjoyable evening.
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The Song Remains The Same

You know, it's a year on from the below entry and the only thing that has actually changed is that I am not pissed on Southern Comfort TONIGHT (ok, yesterday and Sunday were different matters and I do currently have two nice unopened bottles of the stuff sitting on the shelf to my left :-p)

I went in search of the last entry from 2003 to see if I'd made any promises about 2004. I didn't.  My closing words were

"But then that's life. This Is Life. Goodbye 2003, Hello 2004.

Strap yourself in for more of the same.

I really should change the record ;-p "

Well, I guess I was correct. The record didn't change in 2004.

Sunday 28th December 2003 LJ Post

Hopefully I'll write something a bit more positive for this years final post. But then again why surprise you, this is me after all :-)