January 7th, 2005

Old Friend

I have got a severe weather warning.....

"Nine severe flood warnings are in force, one for the Inverness and Moray Firth area and eight for the Forth Valley, Tayside and Angus." Weather Alert As UK Hit By Storms (BBC On-Line News; Friday 7th January 2005)

So, everyone who sees me this evening and tomorrow, be prepared for severe flooding! And I thought *I* was feeling better! Guess you can never tell!

Seriously though, I hope everyone has a good weekend and the weather holds whereever you may be.
Old Friend

Crashed, Smashed and Useless

Angus crashed and burned.

Spent too long getting ready and darnk too much Southern Comfort whilst doing so.

Am now both really itching to go and party and really itching to stay home locked in my bedroom finsihing the bottle.

Don't know which side will win :(

Weather not helping as it's really shitty outside and giving my 'stay at home' side the upper hand.

Darn it.
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