January 10th, 2005

Old Friend

I'm a fully paid up LibDemer again (Yay!)

Just renewed my party memebrship with the LibDems. You can basically pay whatever you like (it's really more of a donation than anything else). They also don't take corporate or union sponsorship (unlike the other main two parties) so everything they do relies on grass root support.

They do have a reccommended membership fee which has gone up since last time I joined but hell, it's election year so I dopn't begrudge throwing a bit more money their way.

So with my newly brought activism what should I now attempt to do......

Poll #416089 Party Activist

What should I do to for the LibDems?

Become a local activist?
Run for Councillor?
Run for Parliament?
Become Prime Minister?
You're in the wrong party.... join the Conservatives!
You're in the wrong party.... join New Labour!
Yopu're in the wrong party.... come to mine!
Politics sucks. Sit at home and get drunk!
Other (Please leave a comment)
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Old Friend

The sky's on fire!!!!

Just been going through piles of old photos and found this one that I took when I was last in Brazil.
This is the most amazing sunset I've ever seen. Just look at those colours....
The photo was taken on a hillside in the middle of nowhere overlooking a vast forest. The only sounds of life around us were weird (and somewhat disturbing at times) animal noises and the sounds of a party taking place at an observatory about half a mile away :-P

Old Friend

Weird Critters.....

Whilst on the subject of Brazil.... does anyone know what this critter is?

The damn things were running round wild and I'd never seen anything like them before and have no idea what they were/are?

and a slightly better view....

Old Friend

Photos, memories and friends

Having just spent the best part of the evening looking at tons and tons of photos I've grown rather sentimental. I've known a ton of marvelous people over the years and whilst many have come and gone there are several folk who appear fairly frequently throughout my photo collection over the last decade or more.

I do really miss some very dear old friends who, for whatever reason, I'm no longer in communication with (people such as Michael H, Nick & Dawn, Alex, Justin P, Angela, Emily, Tim, etc) but I do feel blessed that I've managed to keep in contact and still see regularly a whole host of people (more than I expected to be honest) from 'many, many years ago...' such as dodgyhoodoo, weaselbitch, ukmonty, corone and melissamilitelo. It's also good that I'm back in contact with Surfer Boy again after too many years of not really seeing each other. I'm glad I'm still in contact with some of the others from the old crowd, even if they no longer live locally or even in the country (that's you jessworld, gothglitz and karkehan!). I've also known meryc, dredd_bob and dj_steve_rbn for over ten years now and not forgetting daver2323.
Out of the new wave it's actually quite shocking that people like gypseymission and faerierhona have been in my life since the mid-90's. And chrisdamage and lydiamorgan I knew when they still weren't legal :-p

Feeling quite chipper tonight afterall. 2005 hasn't really started off too badly. I've had some fun and some tears. Good food and good friendship. This year is one that I think will be good and I look forward to knowing you all for many more to come.

:::hugs::: Angus
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Er, about me becoming Prime Minister.....


Thanks for the vote of confidence (so far) on the Poll I was running. You never know I might get another few million behind me yet to get to Number 10 and give old Tony a panic attack on his way out :-p

One amusing thing that has come from tonight (so far) is that I was wrote to my local party rep on behalf of some friends who want to help in a neighbouring constituency. Now all my emails have the following sig....

Angus Abranson
Cubicle 7 Entertainment
London, UK
LiveJournal: www.livejournal.com/users/angusabranson/
"On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone will drop to zero." - Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

You'll note my LJ address appears. Yes, well, needless to say the local party rep knows a lot more about me!! Hello Sue!!!

Mind you they are still happy for me to be helping out so I guess I can't have said anything too scandalous :-p

I guess I'll wait until after Mr Kennedy has a go at the top spot first before taking my turn though....

There might be hope of Councillor yet.....
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