January 11th, 2005

Old Friend

Almighty Ones Who Art Somewhere.....

Dear Almighty/Almighties/Powers That Might Be,

Could you please give me a day where something weird does not happen. I get things figured out and then you chuck something else in the mix just to see how I'm going to react and what I'm going to do.


Try something new once in a while.


And if I find out you're playing chess and I'm one of the pieces.... well I'd better be something important alright? If I'm a pawn I'll be really narked off with you.

Thank you.

You can get back to controlling the cosmoverse now.
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Old Friend

The Problem With International Friends......

....is when they send you group mails in French/Polish/Italian/Portuguese (delete as appropriate) when I can't read the languages!!!

OK, I can get by with French but as fair as Portuguese and Italian are concerned I can only really identify a few words and barely enough to string a sentence together. I'm not even going to START on my ability with Polish though.....

Needless to say the email has been returned asking for a translation :-p