January 21st, 2005

Old Friend

(Update) NIN Tickets

The Astoria will have 'extremely limited and allocated' tickets on sale for Nine Inch Nails tomorrow morning from 9am. I believe they will be for both dates. They will also go on sale via the Mean Fiddler Website. First come, first served.

Other Box Offices don't seem to be getting any at all so the Mean Fiddler/Astoria are peoples best bet. I don't know how limited/allocated they are but I believe it's two per person and they really don't have all that many at all.

I would be amazed if I can get some (....remembers the fiasco when the Poppies were selling their tickets through the fan club to start with.....) and I'd be even more amazed if I can get any quantity for either night so if you want tickets please try and get them yourselves (especially if they are limiting it to 2 or 4 per person). If I can get more I will, but at the moment if I can get one ticket I'll be happy.
Old Friend

Well that sucks......

I just spent almost an hour going through loads of trailers and making a ncie LJ entry so everyone can have a look at them too (Tim Burton's Corpse Bride; Sin City; Alone in the Dark, multiple Constantine and Batman Begins trailers; Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and others....) when Firefox freezes and crashes on me - loosing all my entry!!!

The amusing side of it (here I go looking at silver linings again!) is that it crashed after I'd just watched the trailer for RING 2.

Hmmm..... I wonder how much I can fit in the next seven days?