January 24th, 2005

Old Friend

The Shift

There seems to be a subdued expectation in the air this morning. Outside in the chill, with the last vestures of mist disapating, everything seesm slightly off-centre. As if the universe has shifted an 'nth' of a degree from where it was when I fell to sleep last night.

Is this the same world that I was in yesterday? Or just one of the millions of 'same but different' realities that co-exist alongside each other. Will I continue on thinking all is right only to come across some small difference that confirms the 'shift' has taken place? A friend who I have no reccollection of? Someone who I've known but no longer knows me? Some small possession now being elsewhere? It's always something small. The Universe is ood at tricking you in to believing all is well. But even the Universe isn't perfect.

Today seems different. Slightly offkey with yesterday.

I wonder what will happen?
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Old Friend

...and so it begins.....

It's now snowing in Finchley. I don't know if it'll become the blizzard of the last two years though. I think that was more towards the end of Jan or early Feb for the last couple of years. Was menaing to check it in my diary so we could be forewarned (as it was almost to the day in 2003/04). Just thought though - I could go back and check last years LJ entry :p

(Edit: it was 28th January last year)
Old Friend

Iran: The next Big Bad!

It seems that the US is stepping up it's agenda to destabilise Iran and all things Iranian. I also liked the quotes coming from Shimon Peres (Israeli Deputy Prime Minister) who said the following about the alledged Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program and possible Israeli strikes against Iran....

"The party that will decide is the United States," Mr Peres said.

"If we go it alone, we will remain alone. Everyone knows our potential but we also have to know our limits.

"As long as there is a possibility that the world will organise to fight against Iran's nuclear option, let the world organise."

I was also slightly amused that he also said "Iran has become the focal point of all the dangers of the Middle East," --- seems like the troubles in Iraq have been eclipsed!!! I would love to see Iraq mended first (and by their own hands without interence from any other country be they Western, Islamic, Eastern or the Antartic Penguins) and then have countries such as the US and Israel look at their own problems and get their own houses in order before looking for the next country to destabilise and invade.

Mossad Warning Over Nuclear Iran (BBC News On-Line; Monday 24th January 2005)

US 'Terminates' Iranian Website (BBC News On-Line; Monday 24th January 2005)

Old Friend

In Preparation for Tomorrow (PWEI Meme)

A tribute to a hopefully glorious evenings entertainment tomorrow night. Am jealous of my friends who saw them either in Birmingham over the weekend or at their first London date this evening....

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