January 29th, 2005

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Welcome to Boob-O-Rama!

No offence, but I could imagine this being almost so true :p

Your LJ Strip Club by ScreamingDolai
The type of joint you run
Your club is calledBoob-O-Rama
Sleazy managerbitterreign
Scary bouncerpainted_bird
Most frequent customerthe_alleycat
Highest paid stripperdjpsyche
Can do really acrobatic pole trickssesquipedality
Just doing this to pay for med schoolgothglitz
Had to get "enhancements" to make more moneybluehelen
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(Poetry) One By One

One By One

Listen to the hidden hours
That fall white in the rain
Hearing the breathless cables
And take a look around.
Forever you’ve trusted who we are
Going down the line to heaven
Driven together and given hell
But still she burns incense
Like the oil from the wells.
So quiet, it’s hard to hear
The sound of an assassins gun
And the death of romance
As one by one, by one,
A million hollow faces
Fall down in a corpse of tears.

One more night spent
Watching proud
England fade away
As all the countries around her
Come crushing down to the floor
And everything seems....
And everything just seems....


By A R J Abranson
(Taken from 'Wild Card Symphonies')

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(Poetry) Spaces - MkI

Spaces - MkI
The purity of hours
Spent playing in empty spaces
The sweetness of colours
When you’re alone in the dark,
When it should really be day.
The closeness of those nightmares
When you awake in a sweat
In a different bedroom
In a different bed
There’s too many empty spaces.
Mind the gap,
But don’t fear where to tread
Turn your eyes to heaven
With coloured intentions on your mind
And poisoned replies for your answers.

 Is it just me or is this toyhouse we live in
Getting over-crowded, getting repulsive
With the stench of sweat
Of those whose prayers
Have turned towards the Salamander
Through the furnace of heat
Fueled with the embers of human life
And the stupidity of those who hold the key.
I have the art of memory
And I hunger for the purity of empty spaces.

 Lunatics dance to an orchestra of screams
From a new age of holocaust
Brought about by paranoia.
Welcome to the ghost of the toyhouse
Welcome to the planet Earth.

By A R J Abranson
(Taken from 'Wild Card Symphonies')

Old Friend

Goodbye Dave!

Dave has now left the building.

The goodbyes have just been said and the car has rolled out of the drive to start its long route northwards.

I hope you have a good journey up to Scotland mate. It's a shame to loose you.

See you at Easter in Edinburgh (all going well) and make sure Sasha gets a good night kip before sending him back down here tomorrow (I don't envey that mans time behind the wheel over the next 48 hours!).

Dave - you have been a grand flatmate for the last four years and your presence will be missed. Looking forward to your visits and I hope it all works out for you in Glasgow.

Take care :D
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NIN, Closer, Hair Dye


I'm feeling decidely 'too' awake for someone who was up at 6am and didn't get to sleep until about 2.30/3ish (damn the internet and Umberto Eco!).

Anyway, 'R' by Nine Inch Nails arrived in the post this morning so I've been playing it LOUD to my otherwise empty house. R is their video collection plus tour footage (from 94-95) and their Woodstock performance. Good stuff and certainly made my mind up about NOT selling my NIN tickets for the Astoria gig regardless how stupid the prices become (well, ok, maybe if someone offered by £1000 I may be tempted at the mo :)

About to go and see the 10am performance of 'Closer' as I've been meaning to see it for the last week or two and it's only down the road, and I'm a bit bored (apart from NIN) for having been awake for so long and it being only 9.30 now.

Am also wrestling with the desire to go and dye my hair. Black and/or purple seem to be winning but I'm not sure if its a sound idea. I've been a blonde viking now for about 8-9 years since I last dyed my golden locks. I'll see I guess. I'm heading up to Tesco's and the High Street after the film to get in some supplies so I'll just see what ends up in my bsket!

This evening is looking rather barren. If anyone fancies doing something (with the emphasis on 'cheap' atm) please drop me a line. Preferrably in Finchley. Preferrably at my house actually :p

Although I might get a touch of the 'housewife' later and do some tidying as there's loads of bits and pieces lying around which were left until after dave moved out. Oh, I don't know what I'm doing today OK! I ADMIT IT!

Anyway, must get boots on and dash to the film. See ya later guys and gals!!!! xx
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(Mini Review) Closer

This is actually quite a hard review to write as several parts of the film remind me a bit too much of 'The Life of Angus', which if you see the film is not necessarily a good thing. It is a gritty 'romantic' film which is a lot more realistic (or at least in Angus-world) than many celluoid romantic ventures. I'd also imagine it pushes the boundaries of what is 'acceptable' language for many filmgoers as the central theme is definetly sex. Whilst you don't get to actually see any sex (which would be why it's certificate 15 and not 18) there's plenty of 'dirty talk' and other unsavoury distractions which would put off the 'morals' in the audience. Luckily my audience consisted of four people (including me) but that was largely because it was so early on a Saturday morning.

Clive Owen, Jude Law, Julia Roberts and the delictable Natalie Portman star. All do a commendable job but I must say there are times when Jude Law irritates me and Clive Owen's acting seems to let his character down. Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman on the other hand are pretty good throughout.

I may be able to add more about this film later but at present I'm not sure what to say. I enjoyed the film but I didn't think it was great and I'm not sure who I'd reccommend it too. Hmmm.....  School Report: C+

Also, why do I seemt o have a thing about girls with pink hair??? I first discovered this when I saw Lost in Translation and it's just been reconfirmed with this film! Christ, Blue nipples the other day, pink hair today!!!!! I think I should get out more :D


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Damn, time flies by. Just realised that this coming Wednesday (2nd February) is the first Wednesday of the month again! And that means a gathering of the lost, lonely and perverse at The Tally Ho pub in North Finchley.

Hands up who wants to come! Kick off will be between 8-8.30 again where upon we shall delight in the cheapness of Weatherspoons alcohol to somewhat detrimental effect.

It actually sucks that it's this Wednesday as I may have double booked myself. But I'm hoping that's on Tuesday or Thursday instead (fingers crossed). But hell, even if I can't make a month it doesn't mean you lot can't still get tpgether and have a good (better?) time without me!
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I know quite a few of you are going to the Rammstein gigs in London at the end of next week, but I don't know which nights people are going to. As such I thought I'd knock up a poll to see who's going when. For those of you not going, sorry, nothing to click. Bad me :(

Poll #427313 Rammstein

What Night(s) Are You Seeing Rammstein at Brixton Academy?

Thursday 3rd Febuary
Friday 4th February
Saturday 5th February
Seeing Them But Not in London
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Cubicle 7

Viscous Sydney

I thought I'd post a picture that Dave has done for one of our upcoming books. The concept was devised by daver2323 who has done all of the artwork for it so far whilst xxxgrimxxx has written it. I have a whole series of these pictures which I'll post up every so often for your delightful horror. I also wanted to post some of the front covers to the new SLA Industries (and Frankenstein Factory) books we're doing but I seem to have a slight problem loading those at present (grrr....).

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, I give you


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Atheists are not US Citizens or Patriots

Saw this Bush Snr quote on someone's LJ and thought I'd repost.

It's something he said on the campaign trail back in 1987 when he was Vice-President and made a stop off in Chicago (August 27th 1987).

God Bless The Land of the Free....and all that....

Robert Sherman: "What will you do to win the votes of Americans who are atheists?"

George HW Bush: "I guess I'm pretty weak in the atheist community. Faith in God is important to me."

Robert Sherman: "Surely you recognize the equal citizenship and patriotism of Americans who are atheists?"

George HW Bush: "No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God."
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4 Degrees of Goodness

(Very) Good - Have done loads of weights today, and instead of snacking on chocolate I've been eating carrots which must be a step in the right direction! I also have a bag of lettuce waiting to be munched whilst I watch a movie or something in a bit :D

Good - Discovered that I actually like Psychic TV. Enough to put a couple of bids on some of their CDs on Ebay to explore this further. Also remembered how much I like Die Krupps 'Fatherland'.

Good (Maybe) - Have been talked out of dying my hair by people (for the time being at least). I guess I'm staying in my 'blonde viking' phase for another few weeks/months/years....

(Not So) Good - Ran a bath earlier and for some reason there was no hot water. Ended up thinking 'what the hell' and got in it anyway. MISTAKE. I was bloody frozen. Don't want to do that again in a hurry :(
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