February 9th, 2005

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Oh for a restful day off! (of course I'd then complain I was bored.....)

I'm knackered and going to have an early night (for Angus') tonight.

Am looking forward to tomorrow. I have a day off and feel like I really need one. The last day off I had was Saturday but I was up pretty much all Friday night with Mel so ended up sleeping all day on Saturday and then getting up and going gigging and the clubing so was worn out again for work on Sunday (not to mention stressed due to other things!).

I can actually have a proper sleep tonight without having to worry 'too' much about waking up early. That said there are a number of things I want to do tomorrow.

I need to get the new contract to our letting agents as ou contract technically ends this weekend and they need the new one asap. I also need to talk to our landlords as apparently the wall in the back garden has become a bit unstable (I couldn't see it this evening when I looked because it was too dark, that's what mornings are for!) and we've also got a slight leak in the kitchen - nothing major but it does need looking at. I also need to take my washing in and talk to the (hopefully) nice people at the bank.

I'm also hoping to meet up with Kathryn before she goes to work (depending on her start time) and am seeing Lady Bug in the evening to be dazzled with tales of wild adventures in Mexico over a bottle or so of wine and/or southern comfort.

Then it's work on Thursday again. Then Friday. Then clubbing. Then the weekend. Then next week. Then the week after.... and then before I know it we're into March and I'm out of the country more than I am in it by the looks of things!
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Why, of course it CAN'T be the governments fault!

"The failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has undermined public trust in UK security services, Home Secretary Charles Clarke has said."

No you nonce. The failure to find WMD was no surprise at all and hasn't undermined our trust in the UK Security Services because THEY didn't expect to find any either. What it has done is undermined our trust in the BRITISH GOVERNMENT and TONY BLAIR and the lies they knowing put out prior to the invasion to try and sway public opinion behind them!

Scepticism Over Security - Clarke (BBC News On-Line; Tuesday 8th February 2005)
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Download/Ozzfest 2005

Anyone interested in possibly going to Download/Ozzfest this year? It's on Friday 10th June to Sunday 12th June at Donnington Park.

Confirmed acts so far are:

Friday: Feeder, Garbage, Billy Idol
Saturday: Black Sabbath, Velvet Revolver, HIM
Sunday: System of a Down, Slipknot, Slayer
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Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings Adventure by tostitos_way
Your weapon
Think you'll destroy the Ring in the end?
You start fromThe Shire
Eye Candy Elfmelissamilitelo
Ambiguously Gay Best Frienderuditorum
Mysterious Strangerbridiep
The Comic Reliefdjpsyche
Your Treacherous Guidemooncadet
Chances you'll succeed: 9%
Do you destroy the Ring?No, but it betrays you to your death
The Fate of Middle-EarthHappily ever after
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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Top Ten Geekiest Hobbies

I saw this link on a Friends Friends page and thought I'd share it as it affects nearly all of you poor guys and girls in one way or another. Me, personally, I'm really doomed. I seem to have 4 or 5 of the geekiest hobbies. It'll be a wonder if I ever get laid again looking at this article!!!

DORKSTORM: THE ANNIHILATION (The Wave Magazine Feature Article)

(hehe..... I also liked the distinguishing characteristics of a RPGer :p)