February 10th, 2005

Old Friend

Wednesday evening, Thursday morning

Had a wonderful night last night seeing the Lady Bug, whom I haven't properly caught up with since the beginning of December.... and then that was just a meal followed by an hour or so nattering away in the pub before we got kicked out and sent to our appropriate homes.

I really do wish we could spend more time together as she is one of my dearest friends and we always seem to pick each other up when we see each other.

I'm off work again today though. Had a restless night and woke up with stomach cramps and feeling generally a bit iffy. Today will be a nice quiet affair and I'll probably actually get some work done at home as I do have a few bits and pieces of 'shop' stuff here I need to finish off and at least that way it's not like I've missed an entire day being out of the office.

Hugs to all!!!

Old Friend

B-Movie Friday!!!!!

It's that time of month again folks.......so who's coming down to B-MOVIE this Friday night?

This week it's an 80's night and the theme is 'Cannibal Women In The Avacado Jungle of Death'

Blurb: It's 80s night time at B-Movie, where we put aside our traditional playlist and instead we play absolutely anything from the 1980s - you have been warned!

(I'm sure s0b and ingenue_the must play Grave Robbers from Outer Space to come up with some of these titles you know ;p)

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Old Friend

The Dresden Dolls to support Nine Inch Nails

It's been announced that The Dresden Dolls will be supporting Nine Inch Nails on their two sold out dates in London at the end of March. I'd not heard the Dresden Dolls before but have just been browsing their site watching some of the videos and they certainly look like they should be entertaining. lydiamorgan described them as a cross between Tori Amos and The Tiger Lillies and I think I'd agree with her on that score. There website describes them as punk cabaret and from the videos they certainly look like they have a solid performance-based background/
They will also be headlining their own gig on 19th February at The Scala in Kings Cross (London), as well as playing a few other dates around the UK so check out their website if you're interested in catching them!
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Old Friend

Indie Clubbing?


Anyone fancy joining me for an outting to the NME Club at KOKO one Friday evening? I didn't realise that KOKO was the new name for The Camden Palace! They also seem to be hosting some ace gigs there too....(The Bravery, yourcodenameis:milo and Queens of the Stone Age for starters!).

If is wasn't for the fact B-Movie is on tomorrow I'd be keen on hitting KOKO then as yourcodenameis:milo are playing. As it is I reckon a trip there next Friday could be fun (THE CONCRETES + MYSTERY JETS + YETI + FRIDA are playing then).

So, anyone?

Alternatively, can anyone reccomend any other Indie/Rock clubs in London worth giving a try?
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