February 14th, 2005

Old Friend


Was stressed earlier. Have been (slightly) on and off all weekend.

Not (as) stressed at the moment but will probably remain pensive for most of the week.

I have no idea what's happening this week. Will have to wait to see if anyone contacts me for drinks or vids as I've left a few messages around the place. Would like to go out. Not only is it good it also takes my mind off things at present.

Hoping to go Indy clubbing/gigging on Friday though (money permitting - which it 'may' be by then if I'm lucky). Haven't been Indy clubbing for a while and with so much good music around on the scene again I'd like to pop by and see how the land lays these days.

Anyway, must get back to work. I feel like I have done very little today. Too much time either stressing or on the phone :(

My legs ache too and I feel like I may be coming down with a little bug. Hope not.

Take care folks and enjoy whatever you all end up getting up to tonight. I'm staying in by myself and trying not to think about things. Which means I'll probably watch Coupling Season 3 as it is ACE! See, there are good things in life too :D
Old Friend

The Dreaming

I've had some very vivid dreams over the last couple of nights. On Saturday night I dreamt that Dido came over and was sitting on my bed in my old room at my parents house chatting to me about the latest album, pending tour and depression. She was suffering major mood-swings and the occasional suicidal thought and as we'd known each other for ages thought she'd drop by and have a chat.

On Sunday night I had a couple of dreams, but the only one I remember now (still pretty vividly) involved being on a remote Malaysian/Indonesian(that general area) island with a couple of other people, swimming in the sea, exploring rivers overshadowed by forest and avoiding nasty pirates with big guns. It was quite fun although for some reason I was more worried about being bitten by fish than shot by the pirates? I think tyhe other involved me being on a space station somewhere...I was certainly weightless and looking out into space....
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