February 15th, 2005

Old Friend

Sickly Child

I've been fighting off a cold for the last few days. I ended up having some time off at the end of last week and have gone in late both days this week, and came home earlier (4pm) this afternoon.

Typical symptoms.... aching bones, sneezing, sore/warm throat, mildly aching eyes. You know the score.

Anyway, I have tomorrow off and I *hate* feeling ill on days off (sounds of stomping foot) so I'm hoping if I have a nice quite night again this evening I may feel a little bit more perky by the morning. Last night consisted of me cuddling up under my duvet and watching Coupling Season 3 and starting on Season 1 of Spaced. I reckon this evening will see a continuation of Spaced as it is great and it's been a long, long time since I last watched it.

Coupling is great though. Am a big fan :D
Old Friend

Once more with feeling....


I've made myself a new icon. Something a bit more appreciative of life..... Good ole' Southern Comfort :D

I also made a Filler Bunny icon which I'll try and use for meme's and other useless LJ 'fillers' as it seemed appropriate and nabbed a SQUEE! one whilst I was at it to play with during more paranoid/depress/goth moments :p

Anyway, I am now going to fill a nice warm bath with bubbles and then get myself some din-dins. Then it's duvet time and Spaced!

Yay for my 'oh, so interesting life' (tm)
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