February 16th, 2005


USA vs Iran

I'm beginning to have some bad feelings about the Iran/Syria/US/Israel situations.

Whilst I'm still convinced that the US will not launch an 'invasion' on Iran (or Syria) I am beginning to feel it's getting increasingly likely that they will launch 'pre-emptive' strikes against Iranian nuclear and military facilities.

Iran is obviously on high alert and a bit tense at present (just reading about recent 'friendly-fire' instances they've had there in the last week or so seems to confirm this) and with the new agreement between Iran and Syria saying they'll help defend the other it looks like things are moving up a notch from simmering.

Time will tell, and I hope I'm wrong for not only the countries involved but for everyone else's sake, but I wouldn't be surprised if we see the first missiles fired by the end of summer.
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Old Friend

The coming weekend......

To be honest, God knows what I'll actually end up doing. These arrangements will laregly depend on the next 48 hours and whether or not I receive some badly-needed funds into my bank account on Friday.

The 'plans' at present though look something like this:

Friday: Drinks with ukmonty, nidificate, mooncadet and assorted others in Camden followed by Club NME at KOKO for bands and dancing with hopefully davedevil and others.

Saturday: I *may* be seeing Sarah in the evening but (with no offence to her) there may be other things happening. And whilst an evening in with the ex is nice the possibility of going out and flirting is more interesting to me at present. So, if you're free on Saturday and want to do something PLEASE LET ME KNOW (YOU know who YOU are - or if you don't then drop me a line anyway! :p) !!! :D

Sunday: Probably work for a few hours and then the Diary of Dreams gig at The Underworld in the evening.

The only thing that's currently set in stone is the gig as I have a ticket for that. Everything else could change depending on the money situation and what others are up to. It also depends on whether I've shaken this cold by Friday too as the last thing I want to do is go out clubbing with a runny nose..... people will totally get the wrong idea!
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