February 21st, 2005

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(News) Venezuelan President accuses Bush of plotting his assassination

Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, accuses the US Government of plotting his assassination. Chavez Says US Plans To Kill Him (BBC News On-Line; Monday 21st February 2005). Now given the US's past records stretching back the last fifty years and their condemnation of his left-wing government as 'a negative force in Latin America' plus the fact that Venezuela is one of the world's leading OIL exporters (with much of it going to the US) who knows, he might have a point!

Watch this space (and Mr Chavez - watch your back!)
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Bad news for fans of Pot Noodles, Microwavable meals and, oh heck, just about everything really.....

pond823 and angelalyce take note..... you're about to start starving.....:p

Sudan 1 is illegal. Apparently it can increase the risk of cancer. So for some reason your local supermarkets have been stocking hundreds of items that contain it. A complete list of the 350 items so far (a larger list is being written up apparently) has already been released (see below).

Cancer Dye List Looks Set To Grow (BBC News On-line; Sunday 20th February 2005)

For a PDF list of what to return and not eat check here folks!
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Lost Posts of the Night

I wrote up a nice big LJ post at 4am last night chatting about the Diary of Dreams gig, insomnia and cold sores. My internet connection being what it is at present (ie: crap at home) then decided to fail on me and I lost the post. This is an additional shame as it was quite witty for a change (although I say this having written it being fairly sleep deprived so it may have been incredibly dull in reality :p).

Anyway, I can't be bothered to try and rewrite (ie: remember) it again so here are the points:

1. Saw Diary of Dreams last night. Gig was good.
2. Have insomnia again. Thus awake at very odd hours.
3. May be developing cold sore. Have to stop snogging strange people. Damn them (or at least I hope I caught it through kissing them!)
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Snow Report

As everyone seems to be mentioning it up and down our fair isle. It is now snowing in North London (or at least in Finchley).

Will it settle? Don't know. The grounds dry and the air is fairly cool so it may do.

I may get to build a snowman yet :p
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Oh, the hardship of decisions.......

After last nights insomnia, and my first day back at work in almost aweek, I'm now facing an evening with a headache and contemplating snuggling up under my duvet (not with anyone unfortunately, I'll just have to snuggle myself or break open 'the bag of cuddly toys' - hehe. Er sorry)

Anyway my most difficult choice this evening was which DVD to throw on as although I want to duvet snuggle I'm not actually tired enough to fall asleep as yet. So the contenders have been whittled down to the brilliant Richard III starring Ian McKellen and set in a 1930's Britain that has just suffered a civil war (this is a superb version of the Shakespeare play which I think I've only seen once and that was at the cinema) or The Second Coming starring Christopher Eccleston. The Second Coming was a two-part TV serial by Russell Davies (the man behind the brilliant Queer As Folk and now helming the new Dr Who series) about the Son of God arriving on Earth in the modern day. I never saw it at the time but the reviews were very good.

Still not sure which way my choice is going. Hmmmmm....

Anyway, enough scorching my eyes on computer screens. If I don't catch you sweet folk before, have a nice evening and I'll no doubt catch up with you tomorrow.

Dream carefully folks!!!
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LJ Friends Tool

Really just a note to self to remind me of the URL to the LJ Who's Friended/Defriended You tool thingy. Need a reminder as Mozilla just wiped out all my damn bookmarks again (luckily I still has Explorer still on my system so I just imported the lot back - but I still lost a few of my newer bookmarks...grrr)


Anyway, halfway through 'The Second Coming'. Thought I'd have a quick break. Might go and watch some more now or just try and get some sleep.