March 1st, 2005

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Angscars - The Alternative Oscars Update & Reminder

Just a reminder to go and vote in the Angscars - the alternative Oscars based upon my five facourite films of 2004. Voting has actually been fairly good which has moderately surprised me (thanks folks!). It really is neck and neck between four of the films at the moment wih Lost in Translation and The Incredibles currently leading the pck with Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind one vote behind and Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow only another vote behind that!!!

So please go and vote!!!!

Chat to everyone tomorrow!
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So much for good F**king Karma


Not in the best of moods right now. Will hopefully calm down and post more later.

Might not be able to go to France this weekend which will SUCK BIG TIME as it was the one highlight I've been really looking forward to since Christmas :(

Am waiting until later this afternoon to know for sure.

Shit Fuck shit.
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Panic Update

Panic over(ish).

After several phonecalls, faxes and cigarette breaks I think everything has been sorted.

HOPEFULLY things are now being sped through and I'll see some cash either tomorrow morning or (at the latest?) Thursday morning. Cutting things a bit short but there is a light.

Thanks to everyone that sent me texts or left messages of support :)

Take care, now I'm back to doing some work!
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Old Friend

Social Clashing

7.50PM and I'm still at bloody work :(

Well, I'm going home now because I'm hungry and want to fill my tummy with goodness.

Have lots to think about at severe social calendar clashing in happening in March which is not good. Why can't March become eight weeks long so I can fit everything in???


Anyway, time to shut down the computers and do a runner. Might catch you guys and gals later once I'm in my nice WARM house.

See ya'
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