March 3rd, 2005

Old Friend

Yay!!! Paris Here I Come!!!!

Finally got everything sorted out and I've even now booked myself a hotel in Paris for Friday and Saturday.

The Bank Saga took a few more twists which if I get time I'll write about later.

Anyway, I'm going to Paris for definite now.

Me v.happy! :D
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Filler Bunny


Still seem to be the biggest asshole I currently know. Saying that I'm sure one of you will surprise me. I reckon I must know a few assholes and bitches out there :p

I am 49% Asshole/Bitch.
Part Time Asshole/Bitch.
I may think I am an asshole or a bitch, but the truth is I am a good person at heart. Yeah sure, I can have a mean streak in me, but most of the people I meet like me.