March 6th, 2005

Old Friend

Its gone all French!!!!

You'll have to forgive me for any spelling mistakes today. I'm using a French keyboard and the letters are all wrong!!!!! Also my LiveJournal account is all in French but luckily I have enough French knowledge to just about navigate that one :)

Anyway, I'm into my last few hours and have a little time to kill before my train back to London. Just been wandering around Notre Dame this morning in the cold brisk air. Very nice (still very nice - I end up there every visit!).

I'll give a full update once I'm back in Finchley this evening but the last fez days have been very nice. Even if I did only manage one and a half hours sleep on Thursday night before coming over here courtesy of Sarah and Bug and WAY too wine and Southern Comfort :) Didn't have a hangover though - hehe!

Been on a bit of a spending spree - apart from loads of nez books I also picked up a load of Lisa Gerrard and Dead Can Dance CDs in a sale over here ane Delphine also brought me a couple of DVDs as a pressie (I also got myself Vidocq which I saw years ago but have wanted my own copy for ages since then!). Lots of good food too :)

Delphine only stayed until 7pm Saturday. She was due to catch the last train ho,e at around midnight but the poor girl wasn't feeling 100% and I was also nervous about her catching such a late train. The end result ended up with me wandering around the Latin Quarter for most of the evening, having a great meal by myself and then getting plied with alcohol by some Italians on their honeymoon.

Hmmm.... not sure how much time I have left on the internet here so I'd better stop and upload this before I get cut-off and my French-keyboard navigation skills account for nothing!!!!

Speak to you all son my lovelies!!!!

Bious from France!!!!
Old Friend

(News) DJ Tommy Vance Dies

Back home, unpacked, bathed and now waiting for pizza.
I'll do a proper update about the trip sometime soonish but I was surfing the news and discovered that Tommy Vance has died :(

For those who don't know Tommy Vance he was a radio DJ as well as an occasional TV presenter. I remember him best for his rock show back in the 80's on Radio 1. Indeed I first heard many great bands on his show including Guns & Roses and (still one of my favourites) Dear Mr President.

His voice was incredibly destinctive and he'll be sadly missed. In some ways he was more influential on my early musical tastes that John Peel was.

DJ Tommy Vance Dies After Stroke (BBC News On-Line; Sunday 6th March 2005)
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