March 7th, 2005


Evil? Moi?

Hmm..... I've noticed that I've come up as 'Evil' in the last two memes I did.

Another trend is forming I see...... anyway I'm off to bed now to dwell on my plans for world domination and all of your enslavement to my will and for my personal pleasures!!!

Ahem, goodnught folks. Sweet dreams - will you can....
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Old Friend

Today LJ Hates Me

I keep getting my Friends page for Thursday 3rd March!

Sometimes I get to read what you good folks are actually doing TODAY but most of the time I seem to be timewarped back.

Hmmm.... I gues sit'll all get sorted out soon enough. I also guess that it's a blessing in some ways as I am at work and should be, er, working? Yes. Working.

Back to work for me then :)
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Old Friend

(News) Dr Who Episode Leaked onto Web!

'Rose' one of the new Doctor Who episodes (possibly the first episode)  has been leaked onto the net. It's 45 minutes long if you don't mind a few spoilers the BBC News article has more info..... New Dr Who Leaked Onto Internet (BBC News Online; Monday 7th March 2005)

The actual show starts in the UK in three weeks time. So I guess a few people will be browsing their peer-to-peers tonight looking to download it :p
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Old Friend

YES!!!! (Acoustic success)

Currently on a high. Finally managed to download a really good acoustic version of The Foo Fighters 'Everlong'. Not the one that was recorded live from a radio station but one that actually sounds like it was recorded in the studio. It's clear, uninterrupted and wonderful.

I'm pretty sure it's the same version that Bug played me a year or so ago.

I am now a very happy boy. Although I am also a very hungry boy and need to go and get something to eat.

But I'll let the song finish first :)
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