March 8th, 2005

Old Friend


Whilst deciding on what our alternative 'Reservoir Dogs' aliases would be it was declared that....

I apparently have a gay drink name which goes well with my gay starship sounding phone ring tome.

Some of the conversations we have at the shop scare me sometimes :)
Old Friend

B-Movie: Terror In A Texas Town

Howdy pardners!

B-Movie returns to its classic form this Friday with 'Terror in a Texas Town'. Settling down to a saloon full of classic tunes we're raising a posse to head into town and see us some dancing girls.

Loads of us cowboys and cowgirls already seem to be giving up the cattle-rustling for an evening and we'd love you to put down your poker hands, grab your ten-gallon hats and come down to the ol' Water Rats this Friday to drink and make merry!!!!

See you there or I'll see you at high noon at the OK Corral for you to do some explaining to me and my six-shooter!!
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