March 14th, 2005

Old Friend


I had an upsurge in my 'way too realistic dream-experiences' last night. I had three of them - all of which ended up waking me up at various points throughout the night.

Many of the dreams I'm having at the moment are incredibly realistic. Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste - all senses are involved.

My favourite one from last night was about an alien invasion. It started off very 'covert' with the alien presence pretty unknown about apart from a few who had stumbled across their activity or were already paranoid conspiracy nuts that no one else took seriously, but steadily grew into an all out invasion and take-over of our little blue and green planet.

The aliens looked a bit like salamanders, or fish-men, from some fantasy books. They were also behind global warming as they wanted to melt the ice caps and cause more flooding as less landmass meant they could travel around a lot easier (A little bit like 'Kraken Awakes' by John Wyndham). Anyway, things got pretty scary at points and the whole episode was a pretty wild ride! One of the things they did was plaster buildings with this gleataneous (sp?) gel that soaked through the whole structure weakening it. If you were on the inside of the building you'd start to see little blue spots appearing on the walls, etc, and then growing and merging together.

Another had me travelling an underground railroad on what really amounted to a glorified mining-cart throughout the length of Africa. Bloody dangerous experience and not an altogethet exciting dream (ooo! look more rock!.