March 15th, 2005

Old Friend

Werewolf The Forsaken

This is mainly for Dave as he's been ringing me salavating all morning wanting to know if it's arrived.... well....

Werewolf The Forsaken has just arrived in-store along with some 'lovely' promotional WFT? t-shirts and dogtags for the different tribes.

Hmmm..... can I already hear the sound of little running Scottish feet?

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    Was Geneva but was switched off for being crap
Old Friend

Given Up

OK, I've hung up. I've waited over 40 minutes and am still in the damn automated queing system listening to dreadful instrumentals of Beatles songs :(

What an utterly wasted lunch hour. I managed to get a few crumpets and a bowl of bran flakes in whilst on hold though so at least I've had 'something' to eat.


Gits :(
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