March 17th, 2005


Sick Boy

I seem to be ill today and have found myself staying at home snoozing.

Don't know what's wrong but my eyes feel really sore along with my throat. Also been getting hot flushes and have a headache (although that is now subsiding thanks to drugging myself up).


Not fair. I have much to do this weekend and must get better!! (Stomps foot)

Plus I should be working as I have much to do there too!!

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(News) World Bank and UN positions go to Bush Hardliners

Words fail me in regards to the two new appointments at the UN and The World Bank.

The New US Ambassador to the UN is John Bolton who is possibly one of the most anti-UN people on Bush's staff (The Enemy Within; Guardian Unlimited; Thursday 10th March 2005)

And Paul Wolfowitz has been named as the key nomination to become the new head of the World Bank, much to the dismay of many aid agencies, charaities and (reading between the lines) many countries which don't have USA as their initials. (Dismay at Wolfowitz's Nomination; BBC News OnLine; Thusrday 17th March 2005)

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Andre Norton 1912 - 2005

Sci-Fi/Fantasy award winning novelist Andre Norton died today.

She was a very prolific writer having written more than 130 novels over her career. Her most well known series is probably The Witch World series which was the subject of over 30 books!
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(Official) The Dev Under Threat

I was keeping away from adding to the rumour mill earlier today (apart from replies on some of the goth lists) but The Dev has just updated their website within the last few minutes:

(Taken from

The past year has seen the demise of both the legendary Full Tilt at the Electric Ballroom in Camden and Gossips in Soho - and the Devonshire Arms looks set to be the next casualty of the apathy on the alternative scene. We have been informed that unless numbers increase significantly over the next three months the Dev will be revamped as a trendy bar.
We have tried to create a much needed haven for the gothic / alternative community but interest appears to have waned. Unless people start using the Dev again, the company that owns it WILL close it down in its current incarnation and leave us minus yet another venue.
If there is anything that would encourage more of you to come here more often please let us know. Any sensible suggestions will be gratefully received and acted upon. The range of music played is to be widened to include more old-school and current indie and punk and all of the Djs are more than happy to play your requests - so if you’re not hearing what you want to hear, ASK! If we don’t have it we’ll get it for next time.
Unlike many venues offering Djs and late opening, entry is free (excluding band nights) and with the two hours of drinks specials every Thursday to Sunday, a night out at the Dev is reasonably inexpensive.
The bottom line is… if you don’t use the Dev, we’re going to lose it and give yet another of our venues back to the masses.
DEVONSHIRE ARMS R.I.P? Let’s hope not.

*Any suggestions can be made at the Dev or online at
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Patient 0

I've just realised who I probably caught this cold off.

Thank you very much mooncadet I'll file this memory away for later payback!!!

If you hadn't commented on my earlier post I'd have forgotten you were feling ill when we all saw you last weekend!!!!

No more hot chocolate and southern comfort for you for a while!

(Don't worry babe, I'm easily persuaded to forget things. Hugs)
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(News) Lab Fireball "May Be Black Hole"

There's something very scary about this next article and something I just feel is fundamentally wrong and irresponsible for scienetists to be doing. I know scientists, past and present, take risks with the unknown (and to a certain extent most of us do every day) but the risks most people take don't "potentially" endanger the whole bloody world. It's a bit like when the first atomic bomb was detonated and one theory was it could possibly catch the Earths atmosphere alight. But the Nazi's were deemed a bigger threat than the burning up the atmosphere!

Anyway comments such as "However, even if the ball of plasma is a black hole, it is not thought to pose a threat. At these energies and distances, gravity is not the dominant force in a black hole." do not help my mind relax in this case!!!!

Lab Fireball "May Be Black Hole" (BBC News Online; Thursday 17th March 2005)
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Yay! New toys for Angus!

Well I was going to buy these last week but due to dodgy internet connections I held off. Now doing some late night internet shopping whilst feeling poorly has cheered me up so I'm glad I waited!

Courtesy of CD-WOW.COM and PLAY.COM I'll be receiving the following goodies. So start shouting if you want to come over and have a film night with me at somepoint!!

Moon Child (Japanese film set in 2014)
Casshern (Japanese sci-fi film)
The Incredibles (2 discs of Pixar excellence!)
Ginger Snaps (Canadian Werewolf film - good film and completes my set of them)
Dawn of the Dead 2004 Directors Cut (Zombies!!!:)
A Tale of Two Sisters (Korean horror film - comes highly rated and not advised for those with a nervous disposition)
The Shield - Complete Season 2 (more hard nosed corrupt but noble cop action)
I, Robot (Sci-Fi Action)

I also ordered the new Bloc Party and The Bravery CDs.

Shame none of these will be here before next week. I want to see some of them NOW!!! I've been waiting for over a year for Casshern to be released!! Grrr....

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Jamie Olliver School Dinners

This is mainly a heads-up for Sasha and Aly as I know they were engrossed in the series.

An on-line petition has been set up to try and change the way childrens school dinners are handled in the UK. It's a very worthy thing to sign even if you (like me) either didn't see, or didn't see much, of the series.

You're basically signing something that says:
"I believe kids need a healthy diet so we need to change school dinners to ban the junk and get fresh, nutritious meals back on the plate. I support the Feed Me Better campaign."

To do so please visit the campaigns website at

EDIT: Over 80,000 people have already signed! I was number 81,096!!