March 19th, 2005

Filler Bunny

(Meme) Famous Poets

George Gordon, Lord Byron
You are George Gordon, Lord Byron! The
prototypical bad boy, you'll sleep with
anything that can give consent and maybe even a
few things that can't or won't. Your ethics
could use some work (nine year old girls?), but
outside of the sex question, you're a grand
partier and the bipolar, shady hero of your own
story. The wittiest of the Romantics, you're
mad, bad and dangerous to know. Scandalous!

Which Major Romantic Poet Would You Be (if You Were a Major Romantic Poet)?
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Nine Inch Nails New Single Preview

Nine Inch Nails new single "The Hand That Feeds" is now up on their website ( along with the video. It's in their 'Current' section.

Personally it's a bit guitar-oreintated for me and sounds a tad more mainstream than a lot of their previous stuff (barring The Perfect Drug of course).

Still, nice to get a preview :p

In other news I'm fighting a headache (not brought on by the NIN single, I had it before then) and have just signed myself up to deliver a load of LibDem leaflets to the residents of Finchley next week. Electioneering is beginning to gather steam (I met someone I know delivering New Labour leaflets earlier too!). In a couple of weeks time we're even announcing the LibDem parliamentary candidate for the area and have a pre-election meeting.
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Random Music....

.....and I mean random this evening.

What's up with 'Do Me Bad Things'? Has anyone else heard them or seen their "What's Hideous" video? Boy are they strange. They look like a bunch of friends who go to the pub together and decided to start a weird glam band. The band is such a strange mix of people (and how many of them are there actually in the band? 8? 9?). The video is surreal. I'm really not sure if I like them or not (unlike The Darkness who still haven't grown on me). Their music has been described as Alice Cooper meets the B-52's meets Screaming Trees via Doo-Woop! Oh, and apparently they come from Croydon (so I'm blaming you for them snesgirl!)

Basement Jaxx - saw their 'Oh My Gosh' video whilst tucking into my dinner (I ordered pizza for the first time in ages as I didn't feel up to cooking - me bad). WOW. What a brilliant (if at times disturbing) video.

I think I may have also fallen inadvertantly in love with The Faders ( who I've just discovered are actualy a British band (although their video is "so" American I thought they were too...). The music is alright but the girls are stunning. I'm sad, I know. But hey, they are just so cute! (Hmm... also just found out they're only 18/19 so I may have to ammend my lust otherwise I'll sound like a dirty old man!) (Oh and I'm sure 'No Sleep Tonight' has nicked Iggy Pop's drums from 'Lust for Life')
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No Partying For Me :-(

I'm staying at home tonight which SUCKS.

I've had a headache since I got back from Camden this afternoon and it's not shifted (actually it's gotten slightly worse) despite taking it easy and taking pills.

So no partying round at bluehelen's to celebrate her 22nd birthday (Happy Birthday Girl!!!). Mind you the party is lasting all night so if I perk up in a bit I can always change my mind. Although at the moment curling up in bed is looking an 'incredibly' attractive option.

Whilst in Camden I met up for a couple of drinks with snesgirl and Ian at The Worlds End before doing a little bit of shopping and then hitting Wagamama's for a late lunch. They then toodled off to look at craft stalls and I headed homeward.

I picked up a few new CD's (End of Flowers, Bird Without Wings and Cholymelon all by Diary of Dreams and Angel Dust by Blutengel) and also a couple of Graphic Novels (The Authority Book 4 and Global Frequency Book 1). I also popped into The Dev briefly for a quick chat with Robin.

Anyway, the screen is hurting my eyes so I'm signing off now.

Night night folks and apologies BIG TIME to everyone I was hoping to see tonight :(

Party hard for me (not that you'll need any more excuses to do so :p)
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