March 22nd, 2005

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(News) Hell's Grannies Menacing our Pavements!!!

I really shouldn't laugh but sometimes  my evil streak just gets the better of me. Well, probably more 'black humour' than outright evil I guess but when I read paragraphs such as "One woman reportedly died when she reversed her wheelchair off a pier into the sea." in an article about "Hell's Grannies" (OAP's on motorised wheelchairs who are bad drivers) it made me snigger.

For the full article about the biggest menace to our pavements since skateboarders...... Wheelchairs Prompt Safety Fears (BBC News OnLine; Tuesday 22nd March 2005)

I will attempt to do a proper update when I get home if I'm not having "connection problems". I ended up being offline most of yesterday evening for some reason. I am now back at work but am still not feeling 100% which sucks. Weekend ended up being a total wipeout as I failed to be well enough to make both the party and Sunday afternoon DVD/Games/Relaxathon as I felt shite. Still, managed to get to Camden and see Dee and Ian on Saturday for a bit even if I did get all headached afterwards. Anyway, fingers-crossed I'll be able to chat to you all later tonight.



.....rediscovering XC-NN after many years absence (thanks to ebay :p) and cooking chicken whilst running a nice warm bubble bath.

Proper update will come later as internet connection problem seems to have sorted itself tonight. Yay!
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(News) Greek Prison Guards Told Not to use Guns Over Safety Issues

Just read this article that was linked from Neil Gaimans Blog (officialgaiman) and thought I'd share.

Prison Guards On Strike Over Antique Guns (Excite News; March 17th 2005)

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greek prison guards will go on strike next week demanding a change of their American-made weapons that date back to the U.S. wars in central America almost a century ago.</font></font>

While antique shops would be eager to get their hands on them, prison guards just want to get rid of their obsolete 1911 U.S. Cavalry revolvers. The guns do not scare inmates any more as safety experts have advised guards not to fire them.</font></font>

"We have more and more escape attempts and prisoners just say 'I'll try it because they won't shoot me with these guns anyway'," Exterior Prison Guards union president Giorgos Kostikas told Reuters Thursday.</font></font>

The guards will go on strike and demand new weapons and more staff to secure the country's growing prison population.</font></font>

"We need 2,800 guards but we currently have only 1,200 armed with completely inappropriate weapons to secure the perimeter of the prisons," Kostikas said.

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(Meme) Poly

I'm very surprised I actually scored this highly. Even if I have been in Poly relationships before they have been few and far between.

Oh, and can anyone tell me how I can place these memes behind a cut without them just appearing as html text? I can't seem to get them to work behind cuts and would like to start hiding them away so they don't take up (or crash) friends pages! Thanks for any tips!

You're 80% Poly =) 92% tolerant of the poly lifestyle =) (But... you're 14% just in it for the sex =))
A true poly, tolerant and loving, not just here for the sex and all around a good person...

but watch out... you're willing to lie to your mate to protect them, a
typical compassionate pot hole - you'd do anything to prevent them from
getting hurt right? (And lets face it having them upset at us doesn't
help any either...)

Just becareful - some people will lie to protect their loved ones - and
end up protecting them from ever knowing who you really are. That's not
what you want - you should be finding someone who can love you for who
you are and accept all the parts of you with out having to lie about
any of them =/ And even that's something you can live with - If you're
doing things you can't tell your loved one about anyway... you're not
quite as good a person as you think you are =/

Becareful! That's all - end of sermon =)

Much love to you and good luck =)

Gabriel Night

Oh - just so you don't go off wondering - the first question? the one
about monogamous cultures? the answer is 16% of recorded cultures have
been monogamous - 84% have been non monogamous! how about that? =)

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
You scored higher than 47% on True Poly
You scored higher than 65% on Tolerance
You scored higher than 52% on Sex Only
You scored higher than 99% on Honesty
Link: The Polyamorous Test written by Gabriel_Night on Ok Cupid
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Update of nothing :(

Well, earlier I said I'd update this evening but it turns out that I haven't actually done anything since Saturday's trip to Camden in the PM.

The rest of the weekend was spent feeling ill and cancelling all my social engagements :(

I'm so sorry to everyone that I said I'd see. I just didn't feel up to anything and stayed at home.

I was supposed to be out tonight havign a chat with someone who has a new game idea and wanted my feedback and thoughts on it and possible marketing techniques. I had to cancel him too and rearrange for a future date. I will not be cancelling tomorrow though as it's happening at my house so even if I still feel a bit poorly I don't have to go anywhere and can just curl up afterwards and go straight to sleep :)

Tomorrow night I have MrDominic, Seth and Nicole coming over for some boardgaming (yay!). After last weeks session with Dom it sort of rekindled our desire to play more ofter. Don't know what we'll be playing yet so it'll be a nice surprise.

Anyway, sorry for lack of life. Hopefully it'll be rediscovered soon enough. If nothing else I'm up in Scotland at the weekend so will hopefuly have interesting things to write about when I get back.

Take care folks!
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GigMania!!! Intro & '0 thru A'

Sad as it may seem I’ve spent the last couple of days cataloguing all the bands I’ve ever seen live. There was a reason behind it as Delphine knew that I kept diaries of “Things I Do” and was interested to know what gigs she saw with me when she lived in the UK. I also had a written list of all the gigs I ever went to between 1987 to early 1998 when I seem to have abandoned it (with the intent of returning one day no doubt :p).

Now admittedly I could have just gone through the diaries for the years that Delphine and I went out but I’m an anal bastard sometimes and decided to do the whole lot. It produced some interesting stats (well, interesting to me anyway and as this is my LJ….well, you get the idea I’m sure …:p).

I’ll post up an A-Z of bands I’ve managed to see live over the next few weeks. Some you will certainly of heard of, others you certainly won’t have. It’s a mixed bag and I’d certainly forgotten a number of the bigger bands let alone the obscure crap one-offs.

All told I’ve been to 426 Gigs since my first back on the 29th December 1987. I’ve seen 991 live performances that I saw enough of to warrant recording (there were others that I didn’t watch which never made the diaries unfortunately). I don’t know how many different bands I’ve seen in total but no doubt I’ll end up calculating them before the list is over!

I’d hate to know exactly how much money I’ve spent on live music over the years but then again music, live and recorded, is one of the most treasured features in my life so the money spent has (generally) been worth every penny. Certainly the good outweigh the bad, and even the bad generally have fun times attached to them because of the friends I went with or met through gigging. This list doesn’t include the bands I had tickets for but, for whatever reason, I never made it to the gig. I hate that and have missed some cracking bands that I actually HAD TICKETS FOR!!! Like The Pixies back in 1991 whom I never got to see in the end and also Bauhaus and Marilyn Manson gigs (although I have seen both on other occasions). Still, life is life. 991 Live performances later…hmmm…. I wonder who will be my 1000th live act?

It’ll certainly happen within the next month or two as I have quite a few gigs already lined up :)

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Finally, bath time.....

It's amazing.... the bath I ran almost four hours ago is still warm and even has a few bubbles in! Time for me to get clean!! :)

(I got distracted with a combination of eating, unpacking boxes of books and camdles (why do I have so many bl**dy candles!!!???) and of course LJ.)
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Film - Thursday - 9 Songs

I think I'm going to try and see '9 Songs' on Thursday somewhere in either the West End or Camden if it's on.

Anybody fancy joining me?

It's not had the best reviews but from what friends have said it's picqued my interest. It's only 69 minutes long so it leaves plenty of time for a social drink before or afterwards and it is a public holiday on Friday so you won't need to get up and go to work! (Although I do have to catch a plane on Friday so can't get too mashed!)