March 23rd, 2005

Old Friend

(News) Zombie Machines and Angus' Abnormal CD Collection

"The UK CD albums market grew by 4.5% in 2004 with a record 174.6 million units sold. On average every Briton buys 3.2 CDs per person per year." - 3.2 CDs per YEAR!!!! Christ, It's a quiet when I don't buy 1-3 CD's in a WEEK! All I can say is that there must be plenty of people out there who never buy a CD! This also reminds me of the figures from a few years ago that said the average British household had a total of 3 books! (Looks at his shelves and shelves of books). Er, well I guess I've never been accused of being average.....

UK "World's Biggest Music Buyer" (BBC News On-Line; Tuesday 22nd March 2005)

Also in the news...... Rise of Zombie PCs "Threatens UK" (BBC News On-Line; Tuesday 22nd March 2005) - 25.2% of all hijacked computers (zombie machines) are based in the UK (24.6% in the US and 7.8% in China). Make sure you're firewalled up and have upto date virus checkers folks! I'd hate to see your beloved computers have to take headshots to put them down!
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Old Friend

Attention Young Ladies......

I'm in the need of a few young ladies with a sense of humour and not easily shocked.
I thought I'd put out a call as I don't want to upset anyone :p
(Please note: You do not actually have to do anything, it's just a bit of fun which will hopefully having you laughing at the results!)
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The Horn

Damn this spring weather. It shouldn't be allowed.

I'm feeling all horny now :(

Why am I going to a male-dominated gaming convention in Scotland this weekend when I could be going out drinking/clubbing in London instead?
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