March 24th, 2005

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Boardgames Evening: Alhambra and Illuminati

Had an evening in playing boardgames again tonight, and what fun it was (again!).

Seth and Dom came over and after cutting the selection down to about eight games we narrowed it further until we were left with Alhambra, Now I've never actually played Alhambra before but it is a winner of the coveted German Game of the Year Award (which is incredibly big news in Germany) and I've heard many, many good things about it.

Anyway the game play was very easy to pick up and we all got the hang of it pretty early on (despite the fact that my first few building placements could have been strategically better had I known more of the rules - I was the only one who hadn't flicked through the rulebook before playing due to ordering pizza's and sorting out music, etc for the night). Seth won the first game and just as we were tallying final scores Nicole arrived. So without further a do we played it a second time with Nicole joining the fun. The second game was definetly a better game for me as I knew what I was doing from the outset and you could tell that three of us had played before as our strategies were different from the original game. It was a lot lower scoring and ended up with a tie between Dominic and myself. It is an excellent game and only takes 45-60 minutes per game. Certainly one I'll be pulling out again in the near future and reccommending to people at the shop. Will also have a look at the two expansions available for it (altough both of those are currently only available in German - but hey, I can get translations off the web easily enough).

We then decided to go for a classic. In this case Illuminati. I was the Gnomes of Zurich, Seth the Servants of Cthulhu, Nicole the Discordians and Dom was the Bavarian Illuminati. It was a hotly fought game but both the Gnomes and the Illuminati were soon in the strongest positions despite lots of inter-conspiracy fighting. Girlie mags ended up being very hotly contested, and changed hands a number of times, as did control of the Republican Party and New York. Alliances were made and broken, domination and success were flayed alive and the Gnomes completely underestimated how much money the bloody Servants of Cthulhu had been storing up when they attacked the Repulicans and wiped them from the face of the planet (which ordinarily would be a good thing - but not when you're in bloody control of them AND through them are controlling the UN and Fast Food Chains!!). The battle left everyone completely penniless (which was not good for my victory conditions) and ultimately resulted in a showdown between the Discordians and the Bavarian Illuminati over New York which the Illuminatio managed to get control over and win the game. Gits. Very good fun :)
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M'era Luna Festival 13-14th August 2005

OK, who fancies a trip to Germany to go to the M'era Luna Festival in August? It's €70.50 and has a damn fine line-up (Sisters of Mercy, Lacuna Coil, Apoptygma Berzerk, Diary of Dreams, NFD, VNV Nation and lots lots more!).

It's a camping festival but I might be all middle-class and get a hotel as I'm too used to comfortable beds, showers, clean toilets and a nice breakfast these days (unless I'm at Glastonbury which is a totally different matter :p).

Anyway, thoughts?

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A Tad Tired

I feel knackered this morning. Despite going to bed at about 3am and waking up at 7am this is an unusal state of affairs for an Angus. I can usually survive on very little sleep but for some reason today I feel tired, heavy and a bit cranky.

Hopefully my new addiction will help me get over this (Diet Coke with Lime for those whop may have thought of things more sinister ;p).

Anyway, back to work....
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I still feel knackered. Have done all day. This is the first time having less than four hours sleep (and not on multiple days in a row!) has left me feeling tired and aching. My legs feel heavy and I'm seriously considering an early night tonight so I'm alive and refreshed for my trip to Scotland and the convention over the weekend!

Still today has been interesting. Pretty much confirmed some of my own business plans (yay!) which should see fruitation in the very near future. Had some ideas for a few other things which have been put into order of priority to be acted upon once the machine is oiled and working properly. Had a great idea for a 'teaser' LJ for a couple of lines but technology has conspired against me so can't do it (or at least I can't do it on LJ at least which is a shame).

Also, thanks to cookwitch I ended up spending more money on DVDs from PLAY because she mentioned that the BBC 1981 Series 'The Triffids' is coming out. I went and checked it (and it's not out for another week or two) and whilst their ended up being tempted by some very cheap priced DVDs I've been after for a while (plus a couple of not-so-discounted ones). Grrrr.... I will make her pay next time I see her.....(I picked up Spiderman II, Strange Days, The Last Temptation of Christ, Hana-Bi, Dark Fury - The Chronicles of Riddick (Animated), The Odessa File, The Hunger (YAY!!!!! - been waiting to get a copy of this for decades!!!), Hamlet (the modern adaptation with Ethan Hawke - I saw bits very late one night at Bugs and it looked pretty good so I've wanted to pick up a copy for some time), V (both the Original 2-parter plus The Final Battle).

Anyway food now. Stomach is telling me I must eat!
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Newbie alert - prepare the hazing ritual.....

As a heads up to the old Finchley crew who have known each other for the last 7-12+ years. Another of our old fraternity has now entered the Realm of LJ.

You once knew him as Greg you shall now know him as frankendreads

Let the hazing begin! :p

I also note that nefairia has a LJ - but I think it's probably only frankendreads and myself that know her. Talk about a having a day full of ten year+ memories resurging through the old grey matter :D
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Friends Task for Easter: Triffid Teasing

My dear, dear friends,

I have a task for you over this little Easter break we're having. And there will be a prize for the winner.

I want you to, at somepoint over the weekend, mention 'Triffid-Teasing' in the course of a conversation and then report back to me the usage of this fine phrase and the results of using it.

The one I like the best will get a gift from yours truly.

The Judges decision is final and no cash alternatives will be offered. I am the Judge because this is my game so ner...ner...ner (No one said maturity was needed :p)

(PS - if you manage to use 'Triffid-Teasing' on the radio, TV, newspaper article or during a talk you're giving in an 'official' capacity ypu get extra brownie points and the prize might even get bigger!)

Let the game begin!
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