April 1st, 2005

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Dr Who Meme

Right, no update this evening it seems..... it's late and I'm being called to bed (mainly to stop my typing I fear....)

Anyway, just saw that Andy has created a Dr Who Meme and thought I'd give it a twirl. Now the results are probably correct up until last weekend. I saw the first of the new episodes up in Edinburgh at the Con (along with about 30 others on a big big screen) and I think Mr Eccleston is excellent. Certainly looking ofrward to the rest of the season.


You scored as The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker). The Fourth Doctor is your favourite, as well as being the longest running Doctor. Was it was his eccentric wit or Leela in a skimpy costume that swayed your judgement?


The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)


The Ninth Doctor (Christoper Eccleston)


The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker)


The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann)


The Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee)


The First Doctor (William Hartnell)


The Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton)


The Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)


The Fifth Doctor (Peter Davidson)


Who is your favourite Doctor?
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Night Clubbing.....

So, it's Friday. Maggie is coming down from Manchester and we're planning on hitting town. The choice has been whittled down to either Club NME (Indy/Rock) or ROCK! (Metal and, er, Rock generally).

So anyone else fancy joining us?

Poll #466023 Clubbing

Which Club Should I Go To Tonight?

ROCK! @ The Mean Fiddler

Will You Come TOO?

Yes - Either!! I'm a Party Animal!!!
Yes - But only if it's Club NME
Yes - But only if it's ROCK!
No way - I'm going to a much better club
No - I'm lazy and want to stay in with a DVD
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Yes I'm a sheep...... It's the Music Meme.....

ONE: Pick 10 fave musicians/ bands.
TWO: Post them and see who can guess which song of each musician's is your favorite
THREE: Once someone guesses right, bold that row and include your favorite song

1. Sisters of Mercy - Alice (ua_meruti)
2. The Mission
3. Fields of the Nephilim
4. Nine Inch Nails - Closer (jasonlblair)
5. Marilyn Manson
6. U2
7. Gary Numan - Are Friends Electric? (mrsdominic)
8. The Killers
9. Franz Ferdinand
10. Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground (mrsdominic )

Policy Comparisons

The BBC has set up a fourteen point Policy Comparison between Labour, The Conservatives and The LibDems. Everyone in the UK should read this as the next General Election is probably only just around the corner.

Now all my longer-term readers will already now that I'm a card-carrying party activist for the LibDems so it won't come to any surprise that I think they come across with the best policies shown on the site. But have a read as I really think many of you will probably agree with me on this one.

Compare the Parties
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W00t! It's the weekend again!!!!

Right, Friday night is here and I am wrapping up work and getting ready to go and boogie.

Despite the meagre repsonse to my 'Which club should I go to' Poll earlier today (in which only non-London folk voted inclusing someone living in the US!) I have decided that I'm going with my solitary vote and heading to Club NME at KOKO this evening. Largely because I have an Indy-fix that needs sating, Maggie didn't mind, and one of my sisters might be coming who'd prefer Indy to Metal. Also if Club NME turns out to be a bit sucky I can just wander down the road to Sin City for a Rock/Metal fix instead, and both are easy to get home from :-p

Tomorrow I'll probably be buying an X-Box (thanks to everyone who made comments or voted on that thread) as well as being domesticated and looking at some new toys for the kitchen (Steamers oh my!) and some new bed linen and possibly sleeping bags for the guest room. Not sure what's happening in the evening but my vote is currently staying at home and watching DVDs. Not highly 'rock n roll' I know but Sarah is still out of action because of her foot and I think going out clubbing with Maggies two days on the trot might annoy her slightly despite her telling me she's happy if I go out and party as she has lots of toys to play with at home. Mind you, if there's an X-Box at home by tomorrow night there's a good chance she won't miss me in which case I might hit a club/pub somewhere. Hmm....possibly the Cro Bar again actually.....

Anyway, we'll see.

Working this Sunday (boo hiss!) but am hoping that I will get some time to do a small write up of both the convention up in Edinburgh over Easter, the Nine Inch Nails gig and also announce the winners of my Triffid Teasing task.

Tatty bye folks!
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