April 6th, 2005

Old Friend

Friends Needed

Hi all, I have a friend in need. ladycressida has been complaining that myself and melissamilitelo make boring friends as we don't speak to her enough on LJ (which is a blatant lie as I think I've replied to every damn post she's ever made but that's women for you!:).

Anyway, she wants some new friends. So if you fancy weirding out a foxy young lady please drop by her journal and leave a comment or two.

She wants to (apparently) be played with.....(why I can't play I haven't found out yet!!!)

Anyway enjoy!

Old Friend

Poker Night

Anyone fancy having a Poker Night round mine in the next few weeks?

£5 entry for the pot. Whiskey (or wine) and cigarettes (optional).

Either a weeknight or a weekend (better for hangovers and late night betting).

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