April 7th, 2005

Old Friend

Dead Can Dance

Went and saw Dead Can Dance at The Barbican this evening with eruditorum who came down from Glasgow especially for the gig.

So, what were they like?


Bloody amazing. They played for just over two hours and the set was wonderful. The Barbican also has one of the best sound systems I've come across and with Lisa Gerrards vocals combined with the haunting, melodic, music really showing its qualities. I've never seen DCD before but you can bet that if they ever tour again I'll be picking up tickets. Also bumped into forbinproject in the restaurant before the gig. I haven't seen him properly for years and years but he's looking very healthy at present and a lot slimmer thanhe used to be when i knew him at school.

Top gig :)
Old Friend

The Cook, The Club, The Beekeeper and The Weekend

I'd just like to say that the new Tori Amos CD 'The Beekeeper' is absolutely brilliant. I got it a week or two back but we've had it on rotation at work all week so I've finally had a chance to listen to it properly and once again Tori has come through with the goods.

Also it's B-Movie time again so I expect to see a number of you at the club tomorrow night. I'll unfortunately be getting there late this month as I'm in Brixton first to see Interpol at the Academy. I hope to be in Kings Cross by 11.30/midnight though.

As for the rest of the weekend, not sure what's happening as yet. I should be working on Sunday and will probably spend most of Saturday looking after the girlie and cooking.

I've been cooking a lot recently. Roasts and everything. I enjoy cooking as I find it very relaxing and (of course) you hopefully get a really nice taste-treat at the end :)

Well, it impressed me.......
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Turn Your Unwanted Cash Into Games!!!!

I knew buying a X-Box might not be as good an idea as I originally thought it was. Ended up popping into the local computer store today to browse there 'New and Used' sections and have subsequently been parted with some cash and have the following little green cases to show for it....

Halo 2
Project Gotham Racing 2
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Ho hum.....
Old Friend


I've been meaning to start sorting through the masses of CDs and Vinyls I have (not so) hidden away throughout the house and have finally made a start. I've sorted through a couple of the piles closest to my bed and have selected a few that I haven't listened to for ages and can't see myself doing so in the near future. Not because they are bad but just because I have so much music my 'cycle though' can be years and years and they are now just unused clutter.

But that does mean you guys get first dibs on them before they end up on Ebay or somewhere. So, if there is something you like the look of please shout!

The Hives - Your New Favourite Band £5
Christian Death - All The Love, All The Hate Part 2: All The Hate £5
Andi Sexgang - Arco Valley £5
Sexgang - Last of England £5
Christian Death - The Rage of Angels £5
Vendemmian - Between Two Worlds £4
Feeder - Comfort In Sound £5 - SOLD
Sheryl Crow - Sheryl Crow £5
Pulp - We Love Life £5 - SOLD
Resident Evil - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack £5 - SOLD
Tomb Raider - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack £5
Puddle of Mudd - Come Clean £5
The Cramps - Big Beat From Badsville £5 - SOLD
Vendemmian - Through the Depths of Innocence £4
Maire Brennan (Lead singer of Clannad) - Marie £5
Soul Asylum - Grave Dancers Union £5
Clan of Xymox - Medusa £5

and also 'Touched By The Hand of Goth Vol. 2' a 32-track double CD whose tracklist I'll put in the comments section of this post in a few seconds - £6

If you spend £15 or more I'll trhow in postage for free. Otherwise it'll be about £1 per CD unless your in the same place I am (and I know in advance) in which case I can drop them off for free :p
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