April 11th, 2005

Old Friend

The One in Which Angus Recounts The Last Few Days......

Hmmm.... I've not done a proper update in some time it seems. Oh well, hope you boys and girls in LJland have had a nice rest without me clogging up your Friends pages!!! :p

These last few days have been pretty good in Angus-land. A nice mix of domesticity and social fun. I saw Interpol on Friday at Brixton Academy. Musically they were excellent but they didn't really have any stage presence. The sounds were perfect but whilst I love their music I could have just stayed at home and played the CDs instead of stand in a crowd of several thousand strangers and listen to them. There was little/no banter to the crowd, the musicians pretty much just did their thing without any thrills. I guess they were just a bit dull and uncharismatic. I'm glad I saw them as they are currently one of my favourite bands but I'm not sure I'd do so again.

I actually left as the encore started as I figured I'd prefer to spend some extra time at B-Movie and see friends and listed to a mixture of music as opposed to hand around and listen to music which I can switch on at any time at home or work. B-Movie was packed on Friday and plenty of people were around. It was good and I enjoyed catching up with a number of people. Unfortunately alcohol was seeming to have a bad affect on me for some reason as every time I drank I was getting a pain in my stomach (hasn't happened before - hasn't happened since so I'm guessing it wasn't actually the alcohols fault) so I ended up bowing out early and caught the last train home. Plus side I guess is that I saved money as instead of getting a taxi I got to use my travelcard for no extra cost :)

Saturday saw my descent into domestic mode. In my current fondness for home cooking I ended up buying a Steamer. Next purchase is an Electric Carving Knife as after the roast I cooked last week it taught me that an electric knife is a valuable kitchen tool that I am lacking. Saturday evening saw a trip to the cinema to watch Constantine with Sarah. I'd seen it before but Sarah hadn't and as she'd been imprisoned at home for the last few weeks because of her foot I thought I'd treat her. She even managed to walk to and from the cinema which is a big improvement. She enjoyed the film, my original opinion of it still stands. It has some nice bits but also some dull bits and Keanu (regardless of what you think of the choice of him as John Constantine) just can't act very well. Good eye-candy but that's about it. He shouldn't try complicated characters and should stick to playing Neo and such.... Watched Cruel Intentions when we got home on TV. I've seen bits of it before but this was the first time I'd seen the entire film and I really enjoyed it. Certainly more than I did Constantine anyway :p

Worked on Sunday followed by watching Dogma (still great) and several episodes of Buffy Season 7. Caught the rerun of Dr Who on BBC3 which was pretty good fun. I think I still prefer the first episode at the moment but next weeks looks like it should be good.

Mr Dominic came over tonight for a Board games session. We played 'Maul of America' - an old Zombie game produced by Jolly Roger Games several years ago. Very low quality production but a good laugh. I played the Zombies whilst Dom played two helpless shoppers who turned out to be less than helpless and he eventually won as one of them escaped. I can't believe how badly the dice were rolling for me this evening. Which is probably why we then played a game with no dice. Yep, Carcassonne was once again pulled out and I managed to win both games. Carcassonne is a really great game and if you've never played it you really should give it a try.

Anyway, that's me. Dom and myself are reading the rules for the Call of Cthulhu CCG which we're hopefully going to tackle next week (I'm Mythos and he's the Investigators). Not sure what's happening over the next few days. I have someone coming up to see the house tomorrow night and then am probably taking it easy (and cooking) until Friday when Maggie is back down from Manchester. Then we have Terrorvision at The Forum followed by clubbing (probably Sin City in Camden). Saturday is currently looking like a return to Slimelight for me as Maggie has expressed an interest in trying it out and Sarah wants to go if she's well enough as it's a three-floor special. We'll see.....

Three weeks until Vienna :)

Five weeks until by birthday! :D

I can't believe how quickly this year is flying by (and how much fun it's been so far!). 2005 is definetly currently living up to my predictions at the start of the year as being a good one, just hope it managed to keep up for the rest of the duration :)

NIght night folks!
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