April 27th, 2005

Old Friend

(Film Trailer) Serenity

I wasn't going to post about Serenity as it's been mentioned quite a bit on various other friends journals but I just saw the trailer and OH MY GOD!!!!

Does this look like it's going to rock or WHAT!

It looks superb and I can't wait until the film comes out. I might even look at flying to the States at the end of September for it depending on finances (I've been wanting a weekend break to New York or something for a while in any case ;p).

River kicks some serious ass and I must say the closing scene made me laugh.

I really, really can't wait.

Serenity (View Trailer)
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Serenity Firefly Movie

NIN On-Line; Vienna; New User Pic

I'm off to Vienna on Friday for a few days break. I'm really looking forwrad to it as I've been absolutely exhausted since the weekend and even fell asleep this afternoon! Luckily today has been my day off but still - I had things to do Goddamnit!!! :p

Thanks to riksowden for the new Serenity User Pic. He was using it, I liked it, he let me nick it (although it seems he stole it off someone else but still....)

Also thanks to evildrganymede who posted this link to an official preview of the entire new Nine Inch Nails album 'With Teeth' which is due out next week. Giving it a quick once over right now and it sounds alright. Will give it a proper listen when my CD arrives though as I still prefer listening to these things through my Stereo :p
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