May 3rd, 2005


Night Terrors

It's no use. I can't go back to sleep. Just had the worst bad dream/night panic attack in years. Stupid really but these things happen.

It's left me unable/unwanting to go back to sleep and I've had to turn on the light and now the computer to keep me company and try to ground my wakeful self in the effort to dispel the whole thing everytime I shut my eyes.

It was a classic 'things that lurk in the darkness' affair. The whole left hand side of my room was a nasty rocky/coral and fungi ridden underwater cavern that just gave off an air of evilness and was slowly creeping further into my room. Bubbles occasionally leaked from the cavern enterance and then I could see nasty sneering eyes and gaping mouths with long lustful teeth and little feelers just poking out of the darkness. Whatever lived in the cavern wanted to consume me, to trap me.

Scared the shit out of me and Sarah was no help and just freaked out (but then when these things happen I guess it can cause otehrs who don't know anything about them/me to freak out). I'm just glad they don't occur too often these days to he extent to tonights one. I've tried a few grounding techniques that I used to use but am not sure if any are working. Typing this is really just another effort to get it out of me and allow me to go back to bed.

These things can often sybolise things and I think I can see the meaning of this when comparing it with the way I'm generally feeling atm. So no real great surprise I guess - but I'd actually forgotten how bad these things can be.

Anyway, nuff said. Might go and make myself a nice cup of tea in typical Brit-style. (I only say this as I've not got any Southern Comfort in the house and haven't had for a while now - must remefy that....:)

Tower of Strength

Ok, I admit my love affair was waning but it's very strongly back on track.

I'd forgotten how good listening to The Mission very loudly first thing in the morning was. I feel like I'm 16 again!

Hope they tour again soon....
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Old Friend


It's that time of year again when this specific Angus notches another year under his belt and this year he wants YOU to come to his birthday night club bash and celebrate it with him.

My actual birthday is on Monday 16th May but I'll be starting the celebrations at the wonderful B-Movie club on Friday 13th. I haven't got any plans for the Saturday night as yet so if you can make it on the Friday that would be the safest bet!

This months theme was actually chosen by Charlie Mouse and myself as it's her birthday around then too. I wanted zombies, she wanted nurses so the theme is 'Horror Hospital'.

Club info can be found at
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Bad Dreams?

OK, I've now had three people tell me they had bad nightmares last night. This is on the back of a lot of people recently having quite vivid dreams.

This seems odd to me (remembers Perdido Street Station :p) so I thought I'd do a poll about last night (Monday 2nd May/Tuesday 3rd May)

Did you have bad dreams/nightmares last night

Dream? Me? Never!
Old Friend

Blair Rant

Not that it will happen, but.....

You know, I'm almost prepared to live with a Conservative government for four years just to see Blairs smug smile vanish. He's definetly goping to go down in history along side Thatcher in the 'Most Hated Politican' stakes.

I still believe Labour will win this Thursday though, despite all their scare-mongering to try and stop people voting LibDem. It'd take a miracle for the Tories to actually win and they're not about to have any miracles happen. My favourite outcome is still hung Parliament but that'll only happen if people vote with their hearts and actually get out there on Thursday.

I want to see Blair hurt badly in this election. F**king bastard.
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