May 5th, 2005

Old Friend

Poltical Tumblings (or which personalities will fall this year...?)

One of the things I like most about General Elections is watching some of the high and mighty and well-known politicans loose their seats. Portillo and Mandelson to name but two from previous elections.

So with that in mind, which high-profilers do you think will be out of their well-paid jobs on Friday morning?

I'll start off with Oliver Letwin (Shadow Secretary of State for Economic Affairs & Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer) of the Conservative Party whom I think will be loosing his seat to the LibDems.

I'll also stick my neck out for the very high-profile loss of Labours Jack Straw (the Foreign Secretary), again to the LibDems. This loss will be largely down to the large Asian and Islamic communities of his constituency moving over to the LibDems as well as a large anti-war vote against one of the biggest protagonists for the war.
Old Friend

Off to Vote

Right, I'm about to put my shoes on and get myself along to the Polling Station to cast my vote so I have my little say about how I'd like to see the country run and try and influence it.

Even if your party isn't likely to win in your area it's still worth going out and voting. If nothing else, if everyone who wanted to vote for someone else in a so-called "safe seat" actually went out and voted that "safe seat" might not be so safe, and if the gap closed then more people are liekly to got out and vote for the 2nd or 3rd place party in the next election as it'd be more likely they could topple the leading party.

In any case, you (Brits) have the opportunity to vote today. Whether you are voting for a local candidate on his/her track record over the last four years or voting because of the National Parties views/record of the last four years it is your vote and as equally as valid as anyone elses. Please try and use it.

It should be an interesting one. See ya' laters!
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