May 6th, 2005

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(Election) A review

Well, as expected Labour have won the 2005 Election with a reduced majority. Their tally would usually be considered a good firm majority too (it'll end up being in the late 60's, down from 167 in the last Parliament) but in the light of loosing about 50 MPs their will no doubt be moans of dejection from some quarters whilst other quarters claim it as a sign of the demise of Labour and resurgance of Conservatism.

In reality though it is still a very good win for Labour in the current climate. They fought the Election on the back of the Iraq War, as well as several controversal national issues, and with an incredibly unpopular leader. That they still polled this highly speaks volumes about the LACK of proper opposition the Conservatives have managed to muster, and the LibDems to a certain extent too.

In real terms the Labour share of the vote was down about 6%, the Conservatives had pretty much no change in their vote share (0.6%?) whilst the LibDems share was up close to 5%.

Personally I'd have liked to have seen the LibDems do slightly better. I know they have still had the best election results in over 80 years and they'll be more LibDem MPs in the next Parliament but we failed to get any of the major scalps we had aimed for and, indeed, actually lost a few seats to both the Tories and Labour that we should have held on to. Still, it was an incredibly good night as the LibDems have cemented themselves into second place in a number of areas across the country which gives us a very platform to laucnh the next Election campaign and build upon the progress and momentum that is in place.

Blair will remain Prime Minister for 12-24 months before handing over the reigns to (probably) Gordon Brown. There is a chance he'll go sooner I guess but unless something pushes him I reckon he'll hold out but still leave Gordon enough time to cement his own leadership qualities on the party before having to fight the next General Election. Michael Howard will probably stay on, the Conservatives didn't do badly although they would have expected a better share of the vote. Charles Kennedy will also probably stay on as party leader and build upon the success the LibDems have achieved this time round with the knowledge that many of the people too young to vote this time round will be ticking Yellow boxes when they come to age in time for the next round of voting.

UKIP crashed, Veritas hardly showed up. The BNP achieved very good results (for them) and will give many people cause to worry, but then that was hardly unsurprising with the level of propaganda that's been thrown around about immigration combined with the fact that immigration in this country isn't the best at present.

And well done to the Greens who got 22% of the vote in Brighton Pavilion, even if they did not win the seat. Great news!

Finchley & Golders Green (my neck of the woods) returned Rudi Vis (Labour) with a reduced majority of 741 votes and 40.5% of the overall ballots (down 5.8%), with the Tories up 1% to 38.8% and Sue Garden of the LibDems up 4.8% to 16.9%.
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Tourists and Clubbing/Gigging Plans

Today, after minimal sleep, I will be touring the sites of London and playing guide and fellow tourist. Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Westminster and Parliament/Big Ben will no doubt all be viewed as well a many other fine places....then I'll probably end up at H&M watching girls drooling over underware and 'new skirts' whilst feeling particularly bored (I doubt I'll get to see any modelled you see....;p).

Still, I can always decamp to Borders or HMV I guess :p

This evening we will be Indy clubbing for Mrs Dominics birthday at the XFM Club in Angel.

Not sure what's happening during the day tomorrow but the evening will be spent at Sindbad's "Voice of Masada" gig.

Reading Festival

In a freak accident I've found myself in possession of two tickets for this years Reading Festival. So I have gone from not having been to a Festival for years to two on my calendar for 2005 (I've already got tickets for this years Glastonbury).

Anyway, the line-up looks really good and more acts are being announced on their website.

So, any of you guys going?

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Download Festival?

Hmmm..... I might have another freak accident and make it a Trilogy of Festivals this year. Christ, I may as well make the most use out of a tent if I have to buy one anyway!

The Download Festival looks very, very tempting to me at the moment.

Is anyone else going? Or interested in going?

Some of the acts include Garbage, Dinosaur Jr, Black Sabbath, Velvet Revolver, HIM, System of A Down, Nightwish, Billy Idol, Apocalyptica, Motorhead, Lacuna Coil, Breed 77, Dresden Dolls, Therapy?, Killswitch Engage and a whole load more!
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Other Freak Purchases......

Moral of story. Do not agree to go shopping whilst doing th "Tourist Thing" in the centre of London.

Whilst girlies were purchasing underware I ended up in HMV on Oxford Street.

I then ended up with the following DVDs now sitting on coffee table waiting for my attention.....

Brotherhood of the Wolf (Great French film set in the mid-18th Century - and currently only £5.99 at HMV!)

Casshern (Great Japanese film in the Limited Edition Steel Pack. I also have this in a different Region but for some reason my DVD player which has been multi-regional for the last 3+ years has suddenly decided its only playing Region 2 DVDs - and as I've been wanting to see this damn film for f**king ages I now have two copies of it in different regional codes!)

City of Men (This is a Brazillian TV series by the same people behind the marvellous 'City of God'. Set in the Rio ghettos it uses local actors to help capture the gritty realism of Brazillian street life. This contains Seasons 1 & 2)

Kagemusha: The Shadow Warrior (Award winning Japanese classic from 1980 set in 16th Century Japan)

Memento (Been on my 'To Buy' list for ages on DVD. This is a triple-disc special edition with loads of shiny extras!)

Superman I & II Box Set (Not one that was high on my list to buy but HMV had it at £9.99, down from £29.99 in a clearence sale. Nuff said at that price! :p)

I also brought some really nice NASA phots of the Earth and a Black Hole but managed to avoid falling foul to having my Astrological Chart and forthcoming Years Horoscope made for me. Also had Ice Cream :)

(PS - Failed to go clubbing tonight as Sarah's foot is playing up after all the walking. To be honest this acctually suits me as I have a bit of a headache and am also rather tired after staying up most of last night watching the election results. Want to go to the XFM club to check it out soonish though!)
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